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Synonyms for Ophioglossum

the type genus of the fern family Ophioglossaceae

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From mycohetereotrophy to mutualism: mycorrhizal specificity and functioning in Ophioglossum vulgatum sporophytes.
The relationships between plant size (volume) and reproductive effort for the three species, namely Solanum forskalii, Senna holosericea and Heliotropium ophioglossum are shown in Fig.
Rare plants confined to the wetter areas include the trigger plant Stylidium inaequepetalum (Stylidiaceae), the rare tussock grass Eriachne scleranthoides, and the adder's-tongue fern Ophioglossum lusitanicum.
Ophioglossum californicum, Psilotum nudum and Equisetum
brachiatus, Ophioglossum engelmannii, Sporobolus vaginiflorus,
Sterile leaf blades simple, unlobed; veins rejoining after branching (netted); fertile stalk with unbranched sporangial clusters Ophioglossum
This viewpoint is also accepted by Bower (1935) who regards Ophioglossum, with its reticulate venation, as a derived type.
Note: the 15 species of ferns and allies collected at Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Area include Ophioglossum vulgatum L.
Tonduz 17490 Oenothera rosea 1936-04-29 Juvenal Valerio 1119 Oleandra costaricensis 1908-09-04 Humberto Bertolini Ophioglossum reticulatum 1888-07-31 Paul Biolley 925 Oplismenus burmannii 1890-12-07 A.
Herbaceous species unique to this forest type are Asplenium platyneuron, Agrimonia pubescens, Liparis liliifolia, and Ophioglossum vulgatum.
Fern Clade #3 consists of the eusporangiate ferns Ophioglossum + Botrychium (i.