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One of the oldest fern lineages, the Ophioglossaceae, diverges significantly in morphology from that of other ferns (Smith et al.
Sporangia borne on branched fertile segments ("spikes") arising from a single leaf Ophioglossaceae (in part)
Ophioglossaceae in the scheme of Smith et ah 2006), as sister to the rest of the ferns.
Studies on the morphology and anatomy of the Ophioglossaceae.
Keeping in mind that the sample is often small for a particular taxon, he stated that no foliar endodermis occurs in Selaginellaceae, Isoetaceae, Ophioglossaceae, or Marattiaceae.
Ophioglossaceae Martinov Sceptridium Lyon (E) Sceptridium subbifoliatum (Brack.
The situation in the eusporangiate ferns of the Ophioglossaceae and Marattiaceae seems to be less clear.
1995; Manhart, 1995) that this family forms a clade with Ophioglossaceae.
Botrychium, endemism, mycorrhizal ferns, Ophioglossaceae, pumice, pumice moonwort, rare ferns, spore bank, spore dispersal
laciniata Voigt), commonly known as 'kamraj' or 'Tunjuk-langit' or fruiting fern, is an endangered monotypic species that belong to Ophioglossaceae (Helminthostachyaceae) and is distributed in Asia and Australia (Chandra et al.
The genus is represented by 50-60 species (Wagner and Wagner, Ophioglossaceae C.
5% Psilotaceae 1 1 100% Ophioglossaceae 1 2 50% Schizaeaceae 1 1 100% Helminthostachiaceae 1 1 100% Gymnogrammitidaceae 1 1 100% Thelypteridaceae 1 30 3.