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Protein tyrosine kinase signaling during oocyte maturation and fertilization.
In vitro development of equine nuclear transfer embryos: effects of oocyte maturation media and amino acid composition during embryo culture.
Less attention has been given to different methods of hCG induction of final oocyte maturation," she said.
and ovarian condition and oocyte maturation decline as water temperature peaks in Jul, at 24 C.
This substance overcame the inhibiting effect of HX and induced oocyte maturation but mural granulosa cells did not produce a meiosis inducing activity by stimulation with FSH (Byskov et al.
The cumulus cells produce oocyte maturation inhibitor (OMI), which enters the cytoplasm of the oocyte and inhibits activation of another protein known as maturation promoting factor (MPF).
migratoria, free ecdysteroids are involved during the late stages of oocyte maturation, in the control of meiotic reinitiation (Lanot et al.
Gap junctions are essential for communication between the cumulus cells and oocytes and gap junctions are involved in the regulation of oocyte maturation (1).
He will also detail the role oocyte secreted factors play in oocyte maturation as well as the development of a new 'Induced' IVM system.
Optimal folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation are essential to oocyte quality with a flow-on effect to embryo quality.
It is relevant to mention that the maturation medium and its protein supplements play an important role in oocyte maturation and in vitro development following IVF (Bavister et al.
When the leading follicle was 18-20 mm, and there were at least 3 follicles of 16-17 mm, gonadotropin administration was stopped, and an intramuscular injection of 10,000 IU of hCG was administered for final oocyte maturation.
Follicular development is a very complicated process; it plays a role in oocyte maturation and the ovulation mechanism during yak breeding season.
This high percentage of abnormal eggs results from chromosome segregation errors during oocyte maturation, the process by which a diploid oocyte matures into a haploid egg.