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small terrestrial ferns of Old World tropics and subtropics: clawed ferns

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Onychium (CJR 2730), Morus cf johannis, liverwort (CJR 2733), Timmiella barbuloides (CJR 2731), Bryum cf.
Onychium was locally common in Musandam, in accord with the records of Miller and Cope (1996) and Jongbloed (2003), who record it as widespread in the Hajar Mountains as well.
Onychium divaricatum (Poir.) Alston sensu Miller & Cope (1996).
In hard, sharp, fractured, limestone, with mosses, Onychium, etc.
Not only is it one of the two most common ferns in the UAE and Oman (with Onychium divaricatum), but it also occurs across Europe, and through much of North and South America, Africa, and the West Indies (Paris 1993).
Legs relatively short; femora weakly clavate, slightly flattened, without denticles; tibiae flattened, straight with parallel sides; uncus large with sickle-shaped inward curve; mucro tooth-shaped, small; apical setal combs absent; tarsi 5-jointed, slender, short, about 1/2 as long as tibiae; 1st-4th tarsomeres trapezoidal, 1st-2nd tarsomeres small, nearly equal, about as wide as uncus at base; onychium elongate, subcylindrical, 0.9 times as long as tarsomeres 1st-4th combined; claws small, free and simple.