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The Wine Marketing Association of Ontario is dedicated to promoting the VQA wines of Ontario - both the vintners and the unique qualities of our authentic VQA wines that are made exclusively from 100% Ontario-grown grapes.
Since our last issue, the Regional Recovery Program Committee in northwestern Ontario has filed its preliminary thinking on what needs to be done.
Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services.
We thank Gabriele Landolt, Bruce McNab, Paul Innes, Grant Maxie, Eng-Soon Chan, Theresa Tam, Kerri Watkins, Jean Wilson, and staff members from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Perth District Health Unit for helpfill discussions; Alireza Eshaghi for excellent technical support; and Mo Saif for providing sequence information on A/Turkey/Ohio/313053/04 before submission to GenBank.
2002 (June): Ontario judge Robert MacKinnon rules that "gay" student Marc Hall has the right to take his "boyfriend" to a promenade at a Catholic high school in Oshawa, ON.
Publisher: Daniel Boulanger Sales rep: Jacques Long, National Sales Director 1378 Roxberough Cres, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1W9, 905/335-5700, FAX: 905/335-5001, (info@longcomm.
In order to provide context for the discussions that follow, it is useful to clarify the conditions that led to the development of OSCR through the partnerships forged between several school boards, public libraries and postsecondary institutions in central and southwest Ontario.
Ontario added a 24-yard Dan Jansen field goal in the third, and then added a 1-yard touchdown run from Aaron Donk and a 29-yard scoring run from Cromer.
Moreover, easing corporate income tax compliance burdens would improve the Ontario business climate.
The current "trash war" between Michigan and Ontario is causing recycling regulations to be re-considered.
Johnson, an employee in the Department of Agriculture (which had been active in making short films on farming methods), was appointed director of the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau (OMPD).
We heard horror stories about other vendors simply dropping off a switch and wishing you luck," said Paul Griswold, president and CEO, Ontario and Trumansburg Telephone Companies.
To get the senior levels of government to really deal with Northern Ontario's problems, the region has to make room for Northern Ontario in people's heads.
The report compares and contrasts the situation of the sector in Ontario with the rest of Canada.
We also identify 309 cases of blastomycosis in Ontario that were seen during a 10-year period, 57% of which occurred from 2001 to 2003.