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Ontario and Trumansburg Telephone executives credit the CSX softswitch's ability to provide tandem legacy and next-generation services, as well as the service-orientation of the CopperCom organization, as being key to its decision.
The provincial school system is actually designed to lead kids away from Northern Ontario.
Ontario has a larger share of religion groups and organizations involved in grant-making, fundraising and voluntarism promotion than the Canadian average.
Laboratory-based Review of Blastomycosis in Ontario, 1994-2003
Nor did prosperity weaken the resolve of Catholic parents and educators in Ontario to win fiscal equity with their Protestant counterparts in Quebec.
The announced rollback in the rate reductions effectively increases current and future corporate income tax rates and, thus, all corporations doing business in Ontario must revalue assets and liabilities that were recorded under the previous tax rate schedule.
The advertorial was designed to increase awareness of Pioneer's longstanding commitment to the Ontario agricultural industry by profiling good environmental initiatives on-farm and within the Canadian province's rural communities.
The seven-member board, meeting at Ontario International Airport to coordinate with the beginning of new AeroMexico service to Mexico, cut landing fees at Ontario by 22 percent.
Cynthia Amsden covers the extraordinary amount of film and television activity in the province, which has made it the fourth-largest production centre in North America, and I have written a short history of Ontario film policy and production.
The northeastern chamber wants a meeting with Ontario Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield and senior bureaucrats to "refocus" their Northern Highways Program.
To develop online services for abused women, expand web-based resources for children and families, and build the technological capacity of Ontario shelters to deliver online service.
Throughout Ontario a number of teacher unions, public and Catholic, were in legal strike positions, with others threatening some kind of action if they were not offered contracts to their liking.
As airlines continue to drop flights from Ontario in the wake of the Sept.
They knew the Conservatives wanted to promote Ontario for business, and so the OFDC decided to emphasize the tremendous economic impact of the film and television industry in the province.
On March 23, 1994, the Ontario Ministry of Finance sent Tax Executives Institute the following let Minister of Finance Floyd Laughren to Canadian Income Tax Committee Chair Vincent Alicandri, was pre to TEIS October 1, 1993, comments on the Ontario Government's 1993 Budget Proposals.