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United States chemist (born in Norway) noted for his work in thermodynamics (1903-1976)


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Berry JS, Onsager JA, Kemp WP, McNary T, Larsen J, Legg D, Lockwood JA, Foster RN (2000) Assessing rangeland grasshopper populations.
These collective mechanisms can be formulated in the context of a spinglass model (cf [12, 21, 25]), that incorporates the Onsager relations of statistical physics applied to networks of mutating sequences and error-correction in the presence of rate distortion dynamics, then leading to phase transitions through which symmetry breaking occurs and hence causes a change in topological structure of the graph.
Onsager (53) generalized the Lorentz theory by distinguishing between the internal field that acts on induced dipoles and the directing field that acts on permanent dipoles.
Los acridios figuran entre los principales consumidores primarios en los sistemas de pastizal (Hewitt & Onsager 1983, O'Neill et al.
2] (x, y, z, t) de agua num ponto P(x, y, z) [member of] [omega] e num instante t, podem ser descritas a partir das equacoes de Onsager (33) para as concentracoes dos solutos:
In the case of Soret diffusion, species gradients are established in an otherwise uniform concentration mixture in accordance with Onsager reciprocal relationship.
En su trabajo inicial Onsager (1949), demostro que a densidades suficientemente altas, un fluido que contiene moleculas con una geometria de varillas duras puede presentar en forma espontonea, una transicion de fase Isotropico-Nemotico (I-N), es decir, una fase ordenada orientacionalmente, por lo cual, puede ser considerado como la piedra angular para teorias moleculares, cuyo objetivo sea describir dicha transicion, dicha teoria presenta limitaciones al tratar de predecir cuantitativamente dicha transicion para varillas duras de elongaciones intermedias, pero para varillas infinitamente grandes los resultados son exactos.
Cell Model Calculation for Electrokinetic Phenomena in Concentrated Suspensions: An Onsager Relation between Sedimentation Potential and Electrophoretic Mobility," Adv.
A fourth phase in the development of the Second Law was carried out by Lars Onsager in 1931.
Lighting designer (Lab 601 color, DV), Chris Campbell; editors, Bruckner, Gentry, Bush; music, Ben Lovett; production designer, Lisa Yeiser, costume designer, Caroline Deiter, makeup, Gretchen Mathis; sound, Aren Siegel; sound designers, Michael McReynolds, Jeremiah Prescott; special effects supervisor, Jason Price; visual effects, Itaki Design Studio; stunt coordinator, Nils Onsager, associate producers, JD Taylor.
According to the Onsager theorem, which is in a basis of the irreversible thermodynamics, there appear irreversible processes of heat conductivity, diffusion, and chemical reactions in the system where gradients of temperature, concentrations and chemical potentials exist.
Onsager, now retired from ARS, Branson is researching how the timing and intensity of various grazing schemes affect grasshopper densities and the plant communities they depend on.
The easier it is to expand to a new market, the more attractive it is to establish operations there" said Dressman's Press Officer, Karen Onsager, to the EFTA Bulletin.
Grasshoppers are the most serious rangeland pest in the western United States, consuming 21 to 23 percent of rangeland forage and causing an estimated $400 million in losses (Hewitt and Onsager 1983).
Browne BJ, Susteren TV, Onsager DR, et al: Influence of sleep deprivation on learning among surgical house staff and medical students.