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United States chemist (born in Norway) noted for his work in thermodynamics (1903-1976)


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Later it was proved that it is self-consistent with the Onsager phenomenological description [4].
Based on the data statistics of the Powder River Basin in the United States, the vertical permeability of such aquitard is 0.003-0.03 md, suggesting a certain impermeable capacity (Onsager and Cox, 2000).
Grasshopper density was estimated by counting grasshoppers flushing from within eight, 0.1 [m.sup.2] wire rings by tapping in the ring (Onsager and Henry 1977).
Onsager, "Initial recombination of ions," Physical Review, vol.
(2004) Fluctuation theorem and Onsager reciprocity relations.
The mechanical equations to activate IPMC are called "Standard Onsager" discovered by De Gennes in 2000 [1].
Shirley: Michael Duffy, Kathleen Farrar, Gregory McNeal, Mary Ann Mestre-Price, Per Onsager, Matthew Popelka
[88.] Onsager, L., "Initial recombination of ions," Physical Review, Vol.
In Section 2 we present an new simplified (heuristic) derivation of the expression of the dielectric frictional force [F.sup.dr] acting on a moving spherical charge, different from those of Zwanzig [7], Hubbard and Douglas [17], and Hubbard and Onsager [18] which has the advantage of underlining the physical significance of the process of dielectric friction.
Our results may correspond to previous work [32] that for values of the dielectric constant larger than 20, the Onsager length becomes of the order of the nanostructure size, and no further quenching is observed.
"It's a very novel approach to water quality monitoring," said Lars Onsager Stordal, who works for U.N.
La densidad de acridios se estimo siguiendo el metodo desarrollado por Onsager & Henry (1977), que consiste en contar el numero de individuos que saltan desde tres series de 10 aros cada una (0,1 [m.sup.2] cada uno), colocados a intervalos de 5 m y a lo largo de tres transectas.
Anos mas tarde, en 1931, el quimico noruego norteamericano Lars Onsager (1903-1976) premio Nobel de quimica en 1968, publico una teoria realmente sistematica y general de la termodinamica de los procesos irreversibles que es posible considerar como un axioma.