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type genus of the Oniscidae

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Oryzomys oniscus, Oecomys concolor, Sciurus aestuans, Agouti paca, Dasyprocta prymnolopha, Didelphis albiventris), but lack larger species e.
Oryzomys oniscus Thomas, 1904 (Muridae) has been recorded in the Atlantic forest region and it is locally and popularly called "forest rat" (Oliveira and Langguth, 2004).
oniscus is the main small rodent living on the ground of Coimbra forest, we set twenty 500 m long transects, which were composed of 25 traps 20 m apart.
oniscus specimens to facilitate visual identification on seed trials.
oniscus was captured throughout the Coimbra forest including forest edges (76 captures, 29% of capture success) and interior areas (67 captures, 30.
oniscus appears to represent a substantial source of predation for large seeds in the aftermath of seed disposal on the ground as we did not visually record other species predating seeds inside the exclosures (partially-protected seeds), as well as those unprotected.
Neuronal pathways of classical crustacean neurohormones in the central nervous system of the woodlouse, Oniscus asellus (L.
Current status: Ischnochiton oniscus (Krauss, 1848) [Kaas & Van Belle 1998: 17].
Sirenko and Schwabe (2002) have mentioned that they studied the holotype of "Ischnochiton oniscus alfredensis Ashby, 1931", but did not formally classify it.