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a one-line joke

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The OneLiner technology provides the ability to insert a combination of our Java Player, a choice of graphical interfaces to the player, and all controlling code, within a single script tag.
Barely a scene goes by without a superb oneliner, while the whole movie is a visual feast.
Throwing out one-liner after oneliner, he's a consummate professional who now has the clout and popularity to pack out huge venues across the country.
But in recalling this hilarious oneliner - uttered, I believe, in all seriousness - I was foolish enough to add that, these days, I wasn't sure whether the ECHO would want 20 seconds of the spiky one's precious time.
THE Witty Oneliner of The Weekaward goes to the extremely witty Paul Merton ( 25 Years of The Comedy Store, BBC1, Tuesday ).
Ross was at his cheeky best and never missed the chance for a naughty oneliner.
I used to work with other girls in Dublin and we had a bit of a laugh because of a oneliner he came out with but that was it.
We've all heard her oneliners, such as this gem from I'm A Celebrity.
The Festival Fringe was the place to go for a funny turn as stand-ups fired out oneliners thick and fast.
The first hour-long episode, running until August 11, is Love, made up of lightning quick oneliners and offbeat observations about things that Des loves, his journey and luck in love through the years and relationship stuff.
The lewd gag was one of a string of oneliners the Scottish Tory leader used as she delivered a serious message to her new boss Theresa May.
I know he will be missed by millions of fans around the world, and particularly in Britain, who came to love his charm and blistering oneliners.
Although little more than an hour long the play is a drainging study of emotions sprinkled liberally with humorous oneliners.