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the child of your aunt or uncle

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"Once Removed" is most evocative of stage play "How Nancy Wished that Everything was an April Fool's Joke," which premiered in Beirut in 2007 after being staged several times overseas.
Meryl, 67, is also 15th cousins once removed with another Hollywood actress, Glenn Close.
Once removed, the company claims, Fluoropeelz produces a smooth, void-free exterior finish.
Once removed from the tree, the bird was taken to Gower Bird Hospital where they hope it has a good chance of recovery.
The experts also found that while Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and pop queen Madonna are descendants of influential Canadians from the 1600s, director Guy Ritchie is a sixth cousin, once removed, of Princess Kate.
planning to neutralize the chemical weapons once removed from Syria." "Secretary Hagel encouraged Russia to stay engaged with the process and continue providing critical assistance to ensure that chemical weapons are removed on schedule," the statement noted.
This is especially important when the contents of infusion bottles are only usable for a certain period of time once removed from cold storage.
Westerback of Holden; and several first cousins once removed.
Katrina, 21 - Kate Middleton's second cousin once removed - stripped off at central London's exclusive Whisky Mist nightclub, popular with the young royals.
Once removed from the salt bath, Alan's corpse was wrapped in linen sheets and left for a further three months to complete the mummification process.
If there are bureaucratic hitches, they should be at once removed because at stake is the survival of both sides' economy, said Salehi
Under flow back since 13 April, the Earl #1-13H's 19 frac plugs are still to be drilled out and a work over rig is being mobilised to the site to initiate the plug drill out either late Tuesday or Wednesday of this week which once removed will enable the publishing of the flow rates later in the week, the company said.
As Americans and Israelis besiege the White House with calls for freedom for Jonathan Pollard, an individual who might have a little more "pull" than the rest of us had gotten on board: Rabbi Capers Funnye is the first cousin of Michelle Obama, once removed, and he in recent days sent a letter to President Barack Obama requesting that Pollard be released.
and no amount of pride changes that you will always be once removed from