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a scar where the umbilical cord was attached

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As the site of a 'domestication' of thought and culture,(14) the institution of the hearth and its primary symbol the omphalos does not only challenge the hegemony of the Phallus in the symbolic order, it also says something about its function within it; a function that conceals the symbolic appropriation of the female body that lies within it.
Or there's a limited run of Omphalos posters designed by The Kazimier and local artist Jo Wilson.
En el anverso aparece el busto del rey diademado y en el reverso Apolo desnudo sentado sobre el omphalos sujetando en su mano derecha una flecha y apoyando la izquierda en un arco.
20) Por tal motivo y por estar ubicada sobre el eje central primigenio Este-Oeste del Templo Mayor, esta peculiar estructura petrea pudiera simbolizar una suerte de omphalos que servia de portal hacia el inframundo.
Against the top-down, hierarchical vision of a cosmic mountain or omphalos, with the king at its centre, picture a hidden Java shaped to local impulses, honeycombed from within.
En esa via, puede resultar polemica la tesis de Rincon respecto al "centro periferico del posmodernismo", como se titula uno de sus articulos: "La significacion de Macondo como un espacio comprimido y punto de organizacion del mundo, como una entidad topografica extrana y no extrana al mundo moderno que es a la vez omphalos, centro del universo" (1996: 52).
Coup de grace execution's devolution, assassination of desire the air is charged with an omphalos hit
The goddess's image, which appears at Delphi as the omphalos, may originally represent a "white mound of tightly packed ash, enclosing live charcoal" preserving fire without smoke.
Sivan selects seven periods: after the failure of the Second Jewish Revolt in 138 when the Rabbis still understood the city as the cosmic omphalos (navel); the foundation of the church of the Holy Sepulchre (335), effectively ending the Roman city of Aelia Capitolina; bishop Cyril (ca, 350) who gave Jerusalem its Christian omphalos in the Holy Sepulchre; the failed attempt by the emperor Julian (355-363) to allow a return to a Jewish city; the conflicted visit of the empress Eudocia in 438; Jerusalem of the emperor Justinian (483-565), who elevated the see to the fifth imperial patriarchate; finally the brier hectic period of Persian conquest, Christian re-appropriation, and Muslim triumph (614-638).
8) Yet Ptolemy's map also lacks what Klein describes as "a focus, an omphalos," when compared to earlier renderings of the globe, such as the medieval mappa mundi, centred on Jerusalem.
Mientras Campano (Madrid, 1948) llevo a cabo varias obras de corte fovista en las que representaba paisajes clasicos, Omphalos (1985), Sicilia (Madrid, 1954) pinto varios cuadros durante su estancia en Paris en 1983 sobre la Puerta de Alcala o el Edificio Espana, asi como vistas de la Bastilla de Paris.
Enzensberger escribe que "la provincia esta en todas partes, porque el centro del mundo no se encuentra en lugar alguno, o a la inversa, porque en principio cabe admitir que su omphalos esta en cualquier lugar.
In pre-alphabetic societies, the first gods were goddesses and the fecund Great Mother was ensconced at the sacred center, the omphalos of her people.
Even the MCG, once the world omphalos of Test cricket, is now little more than one of a set of venues at which sport can be played out for the sake of telly and its advertisers.