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Synonyms for omelette

beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set

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Bazin, who looked at his master, without comprehending the cause of this change, in a melancholy manner, allowed the omelet to slip into the spinach, and the spinach onto the floor.
Harriwell bellowed, pointing accusingly at the omelet.
Harriwell took his pulse and temperature, made a show of looking out for him, and doubted that the omelet had been poisoned.
You shall have a companion; we will send to the rectory for Miss Plym--the very person to chop parsley and shallot for my omelet.
In a nod to the wonderful Greek omelets you can find in diners from coast to coast, this recipe stars spinach and feta cheese.
Eggs Made Your Way The Fresh For You omelet action station features made-to-order egg dishes including omelets, and Scramblers.
The Squish Silicone Microwave Omelet Maker makes scrumptious omelets in minutes.
Our omelets taste even better now that we've infused them with quality ingredients like lean ham.
Omelets are so versatile they can be served any time of the day or night.
Sauteed greens like chard and collards add depth and texture to omelets.
The assortment features Mono Maki (rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe and marrow, or with fish roe and crab sticks); Nigiri (rice balls filled with shrimp); Futo Maki (large rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe, shrimp, mushrooms, marrow and sweet egg omelets); and California Roll (rice rolls loaded with fish roe, shrimp, marinated radish, sweet egg omelet and seaweed).
Number of eateries in a Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich: two cheese omelets, bacon, and sausage on a roll.
Previously, I tried to make omelets and ended up using 2 1/2 dozen eggs without success.
Other patrons keep the cafe's ``Frequent Feeder'' cards for years, returning for omelets and burgers despite having addresses in different time zones.
The tantalizing aromas of omelets and apple muffins, chicken and waffles, pancakes and seafood, French toast and fresh fruit waft through many restaurants and homes on weekends.