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a government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government

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Petitioner Qaiser Abbas through his counsel Abid Farooq Awan filed a writ in which pleaded that for the said post, the High court Judge procedure should adopted, and ombudsperson prerequisites are LLB degree and 10 years practicing as lawyer.
The former lawmaker was sworn in as federal ombudsperson on protection against harassment of women at the workplace on February 27.
The federation, Ministry of Law and the ombudsperson were made party in the case.
After the recording ended, the reporter and Ms Tariq discussed matters off the record, but the ombudsperson noticed that the camera was still rolling.
Soon after taking oath, administered by President Mamnoon Hussain at a ceremony held in Islamabad, Tariq headed to her new office to learn about the role she can play in combatting harassment at workplace, only to learn that the federal ombudsperson did not have representatives in two of the four provinces; Punjab and Balochistan.
Appointed as ombudsperson for a period of four years, Tariqhighlighted the importance of teaching men what they cannot do instead of only teaching women what they should.
He asked the Jubilee official should have addressed his complaint to the Office of Judiciary Ombudsperson or petition the JSC.
BulgariaAaAaAeAcs Ombudsperson Maya Manolova said the water price rise w illegal and referred it to the ProsecutorAaAaAeAcs offic
A delegation from the Philippines that includes an Anglican bishop wants the government to appoint an ombudsperson to monitor Canadian mining operations overseas.
The institution of the ombudsperson, he said, has contributed to the reinforcement and improvement of the country's democratic structures.
ombudsperson to be neither "sufficiently independent", nor "vested with adequate powers to effectively exercise and enforce its duty", as well as the complexity of the redress mechanism.
We don't believe we have enough securities and guarantees in the staus of the ombudsperson in order to be sure this is really an independent authority," Falque-Pterrotin said.
developer and First Nation are asking the provincial ombudsperson to investigate the government's apparent failure to recognize the historical value of what is believed to be an ancestral cemetery.
The Committee also met on September 15, 2015 to consider and approve a supplementary budget request to support the Office of the Ombudsperson of British Columbia in an investigation of the 2012 termination of Ministry of Health employees.
The Ombudsperson after hearing the parties, concluded that the demeaning attitude and use of objectionable language by the senior officer to a female employee (complainant) was harassment as per the provisions of the Act ibid and awarded the penalty of censure to the accused officer.