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a government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government

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And like all columnists, ombuds, who are used to putting out other people's fires, occasionally start their own.
Contractor address : Ombuds CompaEia de Seguridad, S.
Of these respondents, 26 were in the corporate legal department, 13 in HR and 12 were ombuds or headed autonomous or semi-autonomous offices that managed the company's ADR program.
Cases involving allegations of workplace bullying: threats to Ombuds neutrality and other challenges.
The first change proposed is to replace the Works Committee with an Organizational Ombudperson or Ombuds Committee which is representative, impartial, independent to deal with employee grievances and disputes internally, amicably and honorably.
Nevertheless, she said ombuds can raise important issues such as the media's overuse of anonymous sources, a topic she championed while at the Post.
The de mand for an SME Chamber of Commerce, an export house, technical institute, ombuds man, venture capital fund, credit guarantee insurance are some of focal points that re quire the attention of the gov ernment to uplift the SME sector.
The report further highlighted the importance of coordination amongst the Environmental Commissioner, a post established by the Environmental Management Act, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and the Ombuds man to ensure the fair and effective application of the law and associated regulations.
Led by Shireen Dodson, the Office of the Ombudsman offers traditional ombuds services such as conflict coaching and facilitated conversations, and has recently opened its Workplace Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center, which offers mediation, group facilitation, fact finding and peer review panels.
But an increasing number of employers now engage the services of ombudspeople to resolve workplace problems before they become lawsuits or charges, and courts have been more reluctant to extend the mediation privilege to ombuds communications.
Each conceptual adaptation created one or more technical terms (public sector, private sector, traditional, classical, parliamentary, legislative, executive, speciality, single-subject, multiplemandate, hybrid, organizational, corporate, advocate, umbuds, ombuds, Ombudsman, ombudsmen, ombudsinstitution, ombudspeople).
This visit gave the Indian officials an insight into the structure and functioning of local governance - especially the Municipalities and the ombuds and the strategies to improve women's political leadership.
capacity strengthening and cooperation of the civic sector and the Ombuds
The Ombuds Program at 7-Eleven has helped the parties take some of the emotion and negative perceptions out of a conflict and stay focused on facts and options for resolution," said 7-Eleven Ombudsman Wendy Friede.
Among the mechanisms used for alternative dispute resolution, that avoid lawsuits, formal adjudication or the intervention of punitive actions, are mediation and ombuds dispute resolution, whose spheres of implementation have increased considerably during the last 25 years (Ambroz, 2005; Rowe, 1987, 1991; Shapiro & Kolb, 1994; Shestowsky, 2004).