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a government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government

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The reforms related to disputes resolution therefore should be geared towards strengthening the ombuds committee and the conciliation alternative as the key instruments of fair and speedy solutions deliverability through relevant amendments to the Industrial Disputes Act 1947.
If the conflict involves an individual, then Ombuds Services can facilitate conversations and provide coaching and conflict resolution services.
There are two general categories of ombuds: the internal organizational ombudsperson (who is employed by the company to resolve disputes), and the external or outside organizational ombudsperson (who works on contract as an ombuds service provider).
An ombuds is a person who is authorized to receive complaints or questions confidentially about alleged acts, omissions, improprieties, and broader, systemic problems within the ombuds's defined jurisdiction and to address, investigate, or otherwise examine these issues independently and impartially (ABA 2001: 10, 2004: 11).
An early objection might be that only internal negotiators such as in-house counsel or ombuds offices can undertake and benefit from an in-depth analysis of the interrelationship of commitments and interests over time.
This visit gave the Indian officials an insight into the structure and functioning of local governance - especially the Municipalities and the ombuds and the strategies to improve women's political leadership.
capacity strengthening and cooperation of the civic sector and the Ombuds
The Ombuds Program at 7-Eleven has helped the parties take some of the emotion and negative perceptions out of a conflict and stay focused on facts and options for resolution," said 7-Eleven Ombudsman Wendy Friede.
Professor Mary Seneviratne, director of research and head of the centre for legal research at Nottingham Law School; and David Thomas, corporate director and principal ombudsman at the Financial Ombuds man Service responsible for corporate policy.
18) In total, the researchers interviewed fifty people who have been involved in dispute resolution work as educators, mediators, arbitrators, facilitators, trainers, ombuds persons, and administrators.
The commission can act as an interested third party where administrative disciplinary proceedings, rather than criminal, are appropriate, and enter into and implement cooperation agreements with the public prosecutor, the human rights ombuds, the Supreme Court, the police, and any other state agency.
Thousands of bank customers will be directed to the Financial Ombuds man Service rather than taking legal action to win back charges imposed for accidentally slipping in to the red.
Villanueva is a former Ombuds and is currently a consultant to the United Nations Population Fund in Peru.
An Energy Supply Ombuds man appointed to settle disputes over billing will have the power to award customers up to pounds 5,000 in compensation.