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the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus

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As one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world, the Omayyad Mosque was selected as the beneficiary of this initiative in Syria as it is also widely considered the fourth holiest place in Islam and a destination for thousands of worshippers and tourists everyday.
The Omayyad caliphs contributed to this golden age; they summoned the most skilled craftsmen in Byzantium to work on the mosaics in the newly constructed Omayyad Mosque.
Al-Khatib personally suffered from the repression of the Syrian regime when he was the imam at the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus.
PARIS, Oct 16 (KUNA) -- France "forcefully condemned" on Tuesday the damage caused to the Omayyad Mosque during fighting in Aleppo and further condemned what it said was "indiscriminate bombardments" across the country by the Damascus regime.
The morning bombing struck management offices on the third floor of the television building in the heavily protected Omayyad district of the city.
The television building lies in the Omayyad district of Damascus, a highly guarded area surrounded by multiple security barriers.
Assad, speaking to tens of thousands during a public appearance in the capital's Omayyad Square, said that "without a doubt we will defeat the conspiracy, which is nearing its end and will also be the end for (the conspirators) and their plans.
Immediately thereafter, the city's power and prestige reached its peak, and it became the capital of the Omayyad Empire, which extended from Spain to India from A.
Kanj said he had recruited two friends to carry out orders to incite people to demonstrate, particularly outside the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus.
A Syrian supporter of President Bashar Assad carries his picture during a rally after Friday prayers outside the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria, yesterday PICTURE: AP
Damascus is flush with tourist money, and you might just get elbowed in the face by all the EU-types bargaining in the souks and snapping photos in the Omayyad mosque.
The Omayyad Mosque is the star turn among Damascus' historic buildings.
Syrian sights: Krak des Chevalier crusader castle (left) and Omayyad Mosque (right)
Overarching this goal of an Islamic Palestine was the eventual creation of a pan-Islamic empire, similar to that of the seventh century Omayyad Empire.
The President reportedly said that some of the Prophet Mohammed's disciples acted wrongly when they sided with one of the Omayyad Caliphate leaders against Imam Ali after the death of Prophet Mohammed.