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United States general who played an important role in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)

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In fine, Omar Bradley is still in need of a serious biographer.
Omar Bradley later wrote scathingly that Devers was "egotistical, shallow, intolerant, not very smart, and much too inclined to rush off half-cocked." It comes as no surprise that as soon as Eisenhower inherited ownership of the cross-Channel Normandy invasion, Devers was banished to Italy.
Patton was able to get the Supreme HQ reserve 10 Armoured Division (10 AD) from Gen Omar Bradley for a few days for an attack by XX Corps.
Omar Bradley, then head of the Veterans Administration, established a Voluntary Service National Advisory Committee to assist in organizing these spontaneous volunteer efforts.
In selecting generals who would command hundreds of thousands of men, Marshall didn't seek the most intelligent officers, nor even those with the most combat experience (Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, and Willis Crittenberger had no combat experience whatsoever).
In the words of General Omar Bradley, who commanded 43 divisions and 1.3 million men and who was the last five-star commissioned US officer -- a rank historically held by only four other men at the height of the Second World War (Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D.
Former recipients have included ex-Polish president Lech Walesa, US president Dwight Eisenhower and American generals Douglas MacArthur and Omar Bradley.
Omar Bradley was greatly admired for changing VA during his tenure.
The author's use of this quote (originated by General Omar Bradley) suggests that he believes there may be a "right" war against regulation, but that the attacks during the past 35 years are somehow "wrong." However, nowhere in the book does the author describe what he believes should have been the "right" war, or does he even concede that the rule-making process occasionally produces bad rules, or may be in need of limitation.
A fine biography of a soldier who maybe did more than any other in beating Hitler, "Omar Bradley" is a choice and much recommended read for any community library biography collection.
Serving in a variety of jobs, he did not achieve the fame of his West Point classmates Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, James Van Fleet, George Stratemeyer, and Joseph McNarney.
That was the conception of the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, named for World War II General Omar Bradley who played an instrumental role in liberating Europe and defeating Nazi Germany.
General Omar Bradley once remarked in describing leadership qualities, "The greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led.
Omar Bradley, who stated to Congress in 1949: "Large scale amphibious operations will never occur again." It was Army Gen.
Majority Leader Cantor is our Omar Bradley. I want to be George Patton - put anything in my scope and I will shoot it." - A line in a presentation to be delivered today by U.S.