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a strategically located monarchy on the southern and eastern coasts of the Arabian Peninsula

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The Omanis residing in the governorate reached 464.247 persons, compared to 219.228 expatriates.
Along with the first printed Omani edition of the Quran, an electronic version was also launched at a ceremony attended by the members of the royal family, ministers and the senior officials on Monday night at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Auditorium.
He pointed that out of more than 27,000 Omani and non-Omani hajj applicants, 13,048 Omanis and 550 expatriates were accepted.
In the Governorate of South A'Sharqiyah, the populations reached 275,524 persons including 187,935 Omanis; in addition to 87,589 expatriates; while the populations of the Governorate of North A'Sharqiyah reached 249,716 persons including 162,644 Omanis; in addition to 87,072 expatriates.
It will also help those Omanis who drive over long distances.'
Stemming from this principle, the Council of Ministers attaches a great care to the employment of Omani job seekers and re-organising the labour market during the previous Five- Year Development Plan (2011 - 2015).To his end, many committees and work teams have been formed to ensure creating job opportunities for Omanis including the Ministerial Committee formed by the Council of Ministers in 2017 under the chair of the Minister of Interior and membership of ministers concerned with employment of jobseekers and organising labour at the private sector.
The number of residents in the Governorate of A'Dakhiliyah also registered a growth rate of 0.4% to reach 414.160 persons including 319.753 Omanis; while the expatriates constituted 94.407 persons.
According to Al Qurashi, the universities in Irbid are absolutely perfect to study in, and have nothing to do with the problem and that lot of other Omanis have graduated from there.
The visitor finds through the activities of Muscat Festival in Al A'mirat Park and the Heritage Village and the living reality of the Omani society, including its old industries and professions that represent the old Omani man and his originality, and what the present generation should do to preserve these traditions and profession.
These women are offering a taste of authentic, traditional and real Omani foods for Omanis, as well as expatriates, and are turning out to be a huge hit with the crowd.
Taking a tour of the market at Heritage Village also helps visitors understand the pride Omanis have in presenting their traditional products to the world.
Alawi discussed with the ambassador the issue of visas for the Omanis who would like to visit the U.K.
He affirmed that the interest in the traditional poetry comes within the integrated system of the comprehensive care accorded by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to the various cultural and thought aspects of our life in a bid to ensure sustainability of an aspect which is one of the most common feature for Omanis.
Muscat: Standing out among the many things at the Muscat Festival 2015, are the many traditional legacies treasured by Omanis that represent the heritage and express the originality.
Muscat: The Ministry of Interior is reluctant to reveal the statistics of how many Omanis are married to foreign spouses who have not yet been given the nationality but their number can easily run to a few thousands waiting to be granted citizenship and many of them for more than a decade.