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the basic unit of money in Oman

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Omani rial is pegged to US dollar so whatever affects the US dollar will impact the amount of money you get for one Omani rial as well.
With return rates from Muscat starting at as low as 77 Omani rial for economy class and 236 Omani rial for our award-winning business class, we are certain that this is another successful offer to retain our loyal guests."
indicates a purchasing power increase for Omani Rial while a fall
Officials sentenced three defendants to ten years imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 Omani rial ($25,970) for sex trafficking; the government convicted the remaining nine of labor trafficking, but all nine awaited sentencing at the end of the reporting period.
Oman shored up its bourse through a 150 million Omani rial ($389.6m) fund in partnership with the private sector in January this year.
Like the UAE dirham, the Omani rial is pegged to the US dollar, which has been losing ground against a basket of major currencies in recent months.
Residents are spot fined 50 Omani Rial (about pounds 75) and all car washes are busy after weekend trips.
The Indian currency, which was trading against a single Omani Rial (OMR) between INR 178 and 180 in July, has drastically depreciated and is now a trading close to INR 186.50 per Rial.
In terms of Omani rial, a visitor will be charged RO26.87 per day now instead of the earlier RO8.06 once the visa expires.
Effective exchange rate index of Omani Rial saw an upward revision of 2.1% to 105 points in February as against 102.8 points in the same month of 2015.
The sukuk was priced last month at a profit rate of 5.3 percent, after receiving commitments worth $82.1 million in the dollar tranche and $47.9 million in the Omani rial tranche.
2013 (SUNA)- Ci-dessous le taux de change, le mardi, selon la Banque centrale de Soudan: Achat, Vente, Moyen USD 4,3980 4,4200 4,4090 Yen japonais 0.0466 0.0468 0.0467 Livre sterling 6.8836 6.9180 6.9008 Franc suisse 4.7761 4.8000 4.7880 Dollar canadien 4.3686 4.3904 4.3795 Couronnes suedoises 0.6869 0.6903 0.6886 couronnes norvegiennes 0.7981 0.8021 0.8001 Couronne danoise 0.7891 0.7930 0.7911 Koweit Dinar 15.5833 15.6612 15.6223 Riyal saoudien 1,1728 1,1787 1,1757 U.A.E Dirham 1,1975 1,2035 1,2005 Riyal du Qatar 1,2079 1,2139 1,2109 Bahrein Dinar 11,6659 11,7242 11,6951 Omani Rial 11,4237 11.4808 11.4523 UAPTA 5,9795 6,0112 5,9953 Egypte 0,9588 0,9685 0,9637 Euro 5.8889 5.9184 5.9036 Fin Tahani\TH
A weaker Omani rial against currencies such as the euro contributes to about a fifth of domestic inflation, Oman's central bank governor Hamood Sangour Al Zadjali said.
Muscat : One Omani Rial is now worth INR 186, with the value of the Indian Rupee having dropped alongside several other currencies from the developing world.
He effective exchange rate index of the Omani rial rose 3.6 per cent to 104.0 points in the end of January 2019 compared to 100.4 points in the same period of 2018, indicating the currency's enhanced purchasing power.