Omani rial

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the basic unit of money in Oman

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The actual exchange rate for the Omani rial declined by 6.
E Dirham 1,1975 1,2035 1,2005 Riyal du Qatar 1,2079 1,2139 1,2109 Bahrein Dinar 11,6659 11,7242 11,6951 Omani Rial 11,4237 11.
Like the UAE dirham, the Omani rial is pegged to the US dollar, which has been losing ground against a basket of major currencies in recent months.
by ONA The Board of Governors also reiterated its commitment to the current exchange rate regime whereby the Omani rial is pegged to the US dollar.
We are proud to renew our commitment to be the leading GCC investor in the sultanate through our 705 million Omani rial (Dh6.
1 percent coupled with increase in Omani Rial designated demand deposits by 4.
The 300 million Omani rial airport features international specifications and standards, said the official, affirming that the airport inauguration would be part of a comprehensive strategy to develop Salalah as a tourist destination.
Notably, benefits accrue on all card transactions, and for every Omani rial spent on the card, cardholders are rewarded two miles to their Sindbad account.
E Dirham 1,1978 1,2038 1,2008 Riyal du Qatar 1,2079 1,2139 1,2109 Bahrein Dinar 11,6664 11,7247 11,6956 Omani Rial 11,4239 11.
Tailored to suit different needs and budgets, Nawras mobile broadband packages can be used with a smartphone, tablet, modem or dongle and start from a one-day prepaid plan with 1 GB for just one Omani Rial.
The carrier is now offering return flights with one-month validity at the special rate of just Omani Rial 31.
From now on Oman Air will not send crews abroad and spend foreign currencies in other countries, because we can keep the Omani rial, with an investment of OMR3 million, in the country," said Oman Air CEO Paul Gregorowitsch.
a fairly swingeing cut of more than 14 per cent in the overall rate although perhaps necessary given that the Omani Rial is a dollar
E Dirham 1,1975 1,2035 1,2005 Riyal du Qatar 1,2079 1,2139 1,2109 Bahrein Dinar 11,6641 11,7224 11,6933 Omani Rial 11,4220 11,4791 11,4506 UAPTA 5,9795 6,0112 5,9953 Egypte 0,9588 0,9685 0,9637 Euro 5,9417 5,9714 5,9566 Fin Seif
The Dow Jones Kuwait Titans 30 Index is also calculated in Kuwait Dinars (KWD), the Dow Jones ASE 100 in Jordanian Dinar (JOD) and the Dow Jones MSM in Omani Rial (OMR).