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the basic unit of money in Oman

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Hamoud bin Sajanjour al- Zedjali ,Executive President of the Central Bank of Oman said in the circular that due to the begging of the Omani Riyal to the U.S dollar in a bid to maintain the bilateral commercial and other relations with other countries, no unnecessary additional burdens should be imposed on the public.
Muscat, Feb 14 (ONA) The Central Bank of Oman cautioned all foreign exchange companies operating in the Sultanate not to add any additional burden on the public with relation to exchanging Omani Riyals against U.A.E dirham at rates that are remarkably different from the old rates.
Oman's budget for 2015 committed to government expenditure of 14.1 billion Omani Riyals
(US$ 36.6 billion), and did contain a built-in deficit estimate of 2.5 billion Omani Riyals
The overnight Omani riyals domestic inter-bank lending rate decreased to 0.081 per cent in October 2011 from 0.096 per cent in October 2010.
In respect to the domestic interest rate structure of commercial banks, the weighted average interest rate on Omani riyals deposits (demand, savings and time deposits of all sectors) declined from 1.828 per cent in October 2010 to 1.427 per cent in October 2011, while the weighted average in Omani riyals lending rate decreased from 6.921 per cent to 6.373 per cent during the same period.
deposits (2.58 billion Omani riyals), saving deposits (2.37 billion Omani
According to information posted by Bank Dhofar on the MSM website, the Enforcement Court has asked them to transfer the cash (26.1 million Omani riyals) to the court's account.
Capital revenues rose 100.6% to 34.3 million Omani riyals compared to 17.1 million riyals in the same period last year.
The collected fees of all the legal transactions reached 25 million and 600 thousand Omani Riyals with an increase of 12.8%.
(US$ 35.06 billion) against an income of 11.7 billion Omani Riyals (US$ 30.38 billion), based on an average crude oil
scoring 9.681 billion Omani riyals, Minister Ahmad Al-Makki said.
The total value of trading also declined with 44.8% to reach 520 million and 386 thousand Omani Riyals last April compared to 943 million and 263 thousand Omani Riyals recorded during the same period of 2014.
year, is 290,000 Omani Riyals (US$ 754,305) compared with a going rate of 350,000 Omani Riyals (US$ 910,369) in the first quarter of
Byline: The government has raised Oman Air's capital from 50 million Omani riyals (Dh447 million) to 300 million riyals.