omega-3 fatty acid

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a polyunsaturated fatty acid whose carbon chain has its first double valence bond three carbons from the beginning

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Pronova BioPharma's first commercialized product is branded as Omacor in a number of countries throughout Europe and Asia and as Lovaza in the United States.
"With the successful release of Omacor, Reliant is well positioned for new growth."
Safety and efficacy of Omacor in severe hypertriglyceridemia.
The drug, Omacor, was approved in November as an adjunct to diet to help reduce triglycerides in patients with levels of more than 500 mg/dL.
Solvay Healthcare, which launched its Omacor capsule at the Cardiff office of the Royal College of General Practitioners, believes its new product offers all the benefits of oily fish without the potential downsides.
At the end of this period they were randomized to one of the four treatment groups for 6 weeks: 40 mg/day atorvastatin (placebo, 4 g/day corn coil); Omacor[TM] capsules, 4 g/day [45% eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 39% docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) as ethyl esters; plus atorvastatin placebo]; 40 mg/day atorvastatin plus 4 g/day Omacor; or atorvastatin placebo plus 4 g/day corn oil (placebo group).
One hundred thirty-three patients (mean age, 62.5 years) with nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy who had minimal symptoms while on conventional therapy were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, omega-3 fatty acids (OMACOR) or placebo (olive oil) for 12 months.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-May 11, 2011--Norwegian Pronova announces good results for Omacor in Japanese study(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 11, 2011--Norwegian Pronova announces good results for Omacor in Japanese study(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The drug, branded Omacor in Europe and Asia, and Lovaza in the USA, is the only omega-3 derived prescription drug approved for use in the European Union (EU) and the USA.
sale as Lovaza (previously called Omacor) by GlaxoSmithKline.
In a 2008 meta-analysis, which reviewed 47 randomized trials, researchers concluded: "Fish oil supplementation produces a clinically significant dose-dependent reduction of fasting blood triglycerides." (3) Lovaza, formerly Omacor, a highly refined form of fish oil, is an FDA-approved prescription medication for reducing very high triglycerides that is 46% EPA and 38% DHA.
Cohen gives an example of how NotifyRx works on Class 1 recalls: Last year the solution advised pharmacies of an FDA-mandated change of the drug name Omacor to Lovaza.
In this study, the fish oil formulation used was Omacor, a semipurified formulation that received FDA approval for prescription sale in the United States late last year.