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material for building fences

the art or sport of fighting with swords (especially the use of foils or epees or sabres to score points under a set of rules)

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He continued to perform well academically, but he had set his sights on making the 1996 Olympic fencing team--fencing took priority.
Their sporting careers continued during the Asian and Oceanic Olympic fencing qualifiers in Wakayama, Japan, in April.
London, Apr 1 ( ANI ): Alesha Dixon said she was "stunned" to find that she had qualified for the British Olympic fencing team following just weeks of training after she won a bout at a charity contest.
This former two-time Olympic fencing champion succeeds the lawyer Laszlo Solyom, who has been head of state since 2005.
She attended medical school at the University of Saskatchewan and also became an accomplished athlete: a figure skater, ice dancer, hockey player, softball player, swimmer, and a teacher of Olympic fencing.
OLYMPIC fencing hopeful Fawn Lamb is continuing to put her rivals to the sword.
The work Chaplain Bucur put into fencing earned him a shot at the Romanian Olympic fencing team until a hand injury sidelined him.
She does similar things to Britain's Olympic fencing squad, so I think it's fair to say she knows what she's doing.
For fun and recreation, backpacking, Olympic fencing, reading, writing fiction, and tabletop miniatures gaming all fight for time on the schedule, too
Mum said she'd scout around the fridge and put out some bits and pieces while we watched the Italian girls win Olympic fencing gold and bronze.
A Hungarian burglar found himself in trouble after he discovered an Olympic fencing champion owned the house he was about to rob.
6: Which three types of sword are used in current Olympic fencing events?
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