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abnormally light or infrequent menstruation

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It has been stated that menorrhagia is more common in hypothyroidism or myxoedema, while anovulation or oligomenorrhoea is more common in hyperthyroidism.
Menstrual cyclicity included oligomenorrhoea (fewer than eight cycles per year) or amenorrhoea fewer than two cycles per year.
However, these values are likely underrepresented because neither low energy availability nor subclinical menstrual disorders, including luteal suppression, anovulation and oligomenorrhoea, were part of the diagnostic criteria.
ALSO called oligomenorrhoea (few periods) or amenorrhoea (no periods), irregular periods are usually due to an upset in oestrogen levels.
Oligomenorrhoea has long been known to be present in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH),1 but CAH presentation with polymenorrhagia is rare.
Rural women of Maharashtra reported a high level of gynaecologieal morbidity (92 per cent), which included menstrual disorders such as oligomenorrhoea (22.
Amenorrhoea (Secondary): no menses for three months or more, oligomenorrhoea or infrequent menses (menstrual cycles of 35-90 days).
Females with endocrine disorders, menorrhagia, oligomenorrhoea and polymenorrhoea were excluded.
There were 2 cases of polymenorrhagia and oligomenorrhoea, both in the 41 - 50 age group.
At the sixth month, amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea, spotting and regular menstrual flow were 9.
To conclude it could be emphasised that women with POF is a condition with multiple aetiologies and needs more aggressive evaluation of oligomenorrhoea and amenorrhoea.
Blood sampling was performed because of symptoms such as sterility, galactorrhoea, amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea, headache or visual loss.
Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Symptoms Signs * Tiredness, Weakness * Dry Coarse Skin; * Dry Skin Cool peripheral * Feeling Cold Extremities * Hair Loss * Puffy Face, Hands * Difficulty Concentrating and Feet and Poor Memory (Myxoedema) * Constipation Diffuse Alopecia * Weight Gain with Poor * Bradycardia Appetite * Peripheral Oedema * Dyspnoea * Delayed Tendon * Hoarse Voice Reflex Relaxation * Menorrhagia (Later (Woltman's Sign) Oligomenorrhoea or * Carpal Tunnel Amenorrhea) Syndrome * Paraesthesias * Serous Cavity * Impaired Hearing Effusions
oligomenorrhoea, menorrhagia) and history of dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia was noted.