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one of the rulers in an oligarchy

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The report by Russian Press Center, published earlier this year and presented at the UN in May, states that Russian exiled oligarchs, including Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Chernoy, Leonid Nevzlin and others, are staging a comeback in 2008 to get back their "fair share" of the nation's wealth and control over politics.
Although the appointment was revoked, the people went on to demand that the cabinet resign collectively over ties with oligarchs.
In 2001 the two oligarchs decided to end their common dealings in relation to Sibneft and agreed that Abramovich would pay Berezovsky and his associate a final sum of $1.
It is run by wealthy wheeler-dealers Andris Skele and Ainars Slesers, the apparent target of Zatlers rant against the parliamentary influence of oligarchs.
The bill is incomplete and one-legged, because donations from oligarchs are still not regulated, said Iveta Kazoka, political analyst of think-tank Providus.
While parliamentarism and corruption-free society aren't built overnight, the attempts by the oligarchs, especially those with a grudge against Kremlin, who were deprived of their absolute power and had to flee the country, to regain control over political and business life are very concrete, well-thought of and supported financially without any limits.
One of those oligarchs spends more Russian silver in the time it takes a Premiership football player to kick off against Watford than a thousand Russian pensioners will see in the remainder of their lives.
Abramoff, who confessed to multiple felony counts last year and is now serving a prison sentence, was closely tied to many notoriously mobbed-up Russian oligarchs, as well as to casino-owning Indian tribes.
This sad story comes to life in David Hoffman's sprawling new book, The Oligarchs.
Simply put, Malibu oligarchs were allowed to build pricey oceanfront pads if they gave the rest of us access to the shoreline.
But it might also be the beginning of a trend where Russia's powerful oligarchs finally turn from exploiters of the system into major stakeholders--just like their U.
At the same time, Primakov took measures to halt the plunder of the country's resources by the oligarchs who controlled most of the private sector.
NEW YORK -- Russian oligarchs of the 90s, who managed Russian wealth during the Yeltsin era and who fled Russia after criminal charges were filed against many of them, are aiming to change the regime in Russia and come back to power after President Putin steps down in 2008, states the report by the New York-based Russian Information Center.
The Socialist-endorsed government has already harmed interests of oligarchs and cartels and the amount is going to reach BGN 1 B a year, according to the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Sergey Stanishev.
ROMAN ABRAMOVICH will lead an invasion of 300 Russian oligarchs in a fleet of 150 private jets and turn Tel Aviv into a Soviet colony tonight.