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one of the rulers in an oligarchy

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But the most devastating British response to a Russian state-sponsored hit on our streets will be to apply a financial squeeze on the oligarchs.
From out of the blue, he blurted that a rich oligarch was preparing to pay senator-judges P200 million each to acquit Sereno in a trial.
The second half of the book is focused on the rise of oligarchs and the distribution of state assets to allies and partners of the ruling elite--and the rise of Vladimir Putin from mousy KGB official in Leningrad to Russia's president.
With a mix of skill and cunning, the oligarchs were able to profit enormously from Russia's transitional period.
I guarantee that oligarchs wont influence on me personally, and I am not going to have any conversations with anyone if this is contrary to the State and state interests," underlined Volodymyr Groysman.
So with the help of two oligarchs and a wink from Ukraine's president, the no-confidence motion fell 32 votes short of the 226 required.
And Putin, previously unknown to this group of oligarchs, arose from this "atmosphere of disaster and oblivion," restoring faith in the future to people suffering from famine, and in so doing returning the country to the world stage.
The low-profile additions -- the US said they were "not an escalation" of its measures against Russia -- drew attention to a dizzying series of asset sales that have taken place in the past 18 months as oligarchs targeted by the US have changed the ownership of their businesses.
The pro-Russian activists who oppose the oligarch fascism in Ukraine are aware of this hypocrisy in Russia.
All were linked via business dealings to the oligarchs - the Russian business elite who also wield political influence - now living in the UK.
As Indonesian democracy consolidates, oligarchs are increasingly positioned as key arbiters of the country's political life" (p.
The venture is thus basically intended to entrench the oligarchs yet more deeply politically, not to bring the emasculated masses up in a decisive position.
Yet, even oligarchs can disguise themselves as democrats.
Tymoshenko also may be able to count on support from oligarchs such as Victor Pinchuk.
With their wealth, influence and self-interest in preventing further conflict, the oligarchs could be the key to calming tensions and maintaining Ukraine's control in areas where pro-Russian activists have stoked separatist tensions.