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United States sculptor (born in Sweden)

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The Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies, as part of its joint project; the EduLink/IMMIS Program on African Migration and Gender in Global Context-Implementing Migration Studies with Makerere University in Kampala (Uganda), Mbarara University, Uganda, together with the University of Oldenburg, Germany held a partners meeting in January, 2010.
Mr Hinrichs' parents and brother have travelled from Oldenburg, Germany, for the three-day inquest.
Representatives from the pharmaceutical service provider Diapharm, Oldenburg, Germany, have called on authorities to approve more robust product claims for traditional herbal medicines, differentiating them from claims for food supplements.
Department of Oncology and Haematology, Klinikum Oldenburg, Germany
Across the road in Bad Zwischenahn near the western city of Oldenburg, Germany, was a gym where 10 body-builders were working out.
At a time when other photo labs are closing down or contracting, CeWe Color, based in Oldenburg, Germany, says it is confident that Standard Photographic, its first plant in the UK, can benefit from the expansion of the British digital market.
Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH is to sell its polyurethane and casting systems business, comprising polyol and isocyanate components, to Bufa Polyurethane GmbH, Oldenburg, Germany.
At times, the best course of action can be to leave relics alone, says Thomas Warscheid of LBW-Bioconsult, a private consulting company in Oldenburg, Germany.
MPS, which was founded in 1999, also has established MPS Systems GmbH, a new division based in Oldenburg, Germany.
The company said that it would transfer part of the production of bacon and cooked meats to the new factory in Oldenburg, Germany, in order to ensure its competitiveness in the long term both in Denmark and abroad.
Pius-Hospital Oldenburg in Oldenburg, Germany, and Hospital CUF Porto, Portugal, are the first to use the Xoft system in Europe for treating early stage breast cancer.
TAP) - Tunisia national women's handball team suffered a third defeat in a row at an IHF Women's Handball World Championship after losing to Denmark 19-37 (first half: 6-15) at a Group C day-3 game played on Tuesday evening in Oldenburg, Germany.
The author is a faculty member of the University of Oldenburg, Germany.
BASF's new European competence center for flooring and waterproofing systems at Oldenburg, Germany, is now fully operational.
Elke Harms was a practising Physical and Massage Therapist in Oldenburg, Germany.