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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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The scheme is 26 years old, but old-age pension benefit was added in 1998 and paid out for the first time in 2014.
If you have a job that's wearing you out, perhaps you'd like to stop your paid labor and receive a state old-age pension and your retirement pension.
By contrast, in Australia old-age pensions and the lack of revenue to cover their costs led to the first-ever federal budget deficit in 1909.
(60) Old-age pensions were comprised of two components: a minimal base part, which would be warranted and common for everybody who satisfied the requirements for retiring, and an insurance part, the amount of which would be differentiated and dependent upon the insurance service length and the amount of individual payments put into the account.
In 2002-3, old-age pensions counted for more than one-half of all social assistance (and it was, therefore, still the case that 'the single most important instrument of redistribution via the budget is the old-age pension' (Seekings and Nattrass 2005:360)).
In a more recent paper, Philipson and Becker (1998) build on the work of Ehrlich and Chuma by modeling longevity-contingent claims in the form of old-age pensions. Among other things, they find that an increase in a longevity-contingent old-age pension will induce individuals to live longer.
On the 91st anniversary of the first Pensions Day in 1908, when UK pensioners registered for the first old-age pensions, senior citizens demanded that their payments be kept in line with the rest of society.
Retirement decisions of older workers should be sensitive to the gains in old-age pensions from working for an additional period.
FDR was well aware of the battle to be waged over compulsory old-age pensions. When his Committee on Economic Security submitted its comprehensive legislative package to Congress in 1935, the Great Depression had been raging for six years.
"Imagine if states tried to rid themselves of elderly residents by lowering Social Security old-age pensions," she suggests.
The disbursements for old-age pensions accounted for 42.6 per cent of the total pension caseload, followed by the non-vocational death rate of 31.6 per cent, followed by cases of disability pension resulting from a non-occupational cause, accounting for 19.2 per cent.
They were living off their combined retirement and state old-age pensions, and they also had some savings.
As President Dalia Grybauskaite signed the state and the SoDra budgets for 2010 last December, she also requested the government to commit to compensate for the reduction of old-age pensions and pensions for the disabled, reports ELTA.
He has broken his promises to the electorate on tuition fees, the privatisation of air traffic control and old-age pensions.
According to June 9 figures from Eurostat, the EU's statistical bureau, government expenditure on old-age pensions (the state pension paid to those who have reached the statutory retirement age) further increased its predominance, accounting for 76.2% of the total.