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a class of people favoring traditional ideas

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Not content with a big old skool name some of Dublin's originals are on board too with Pat Hyland, inset, Tony Dexter among the support as well as Tony Long and Latin Wolf.
Located in Bayview Hunters Point, Old Skool faced a crisis earlier this year when its building was put up for sale.
In arena two things go back to the old skool with John Kelly, Cream's K-Klass and Cream and Space legend Andy Carroll.
The old skool cardigan is so now fashion-wise, we can even forgive the man bag
It's now the late 2000s and De La Soul are coming to town to bring back some of that old skool 'Feel Good' vibe with a little peace, a lot of love and lots of hip-hop.
There was time to party too; Flavour of the Old Skool and its nod to classic tunes of bygone days, Piece of My Heart and Come As You Are all gave Knight the chance to show off that incredible voice, punch the air and kick out her legs.
HOW TO BUILD AN OLD SKOOL BOBBER by Kevin Baas (1929133243, $24.
He'll spend the summer making a demo tape, trying to find an agent, and performing with his group The Old Skool Dropouts.
Because of the success of the initial offering of Vans Custom shoes, Giles said the company will soon add two more popular shoe styles to the line: the Old Skool and Sk8-Hi.
No matter what you think of Eminem's bratty, ultra-obscene take on old skool beats and rhyme, you have to admit the guy knows how to put on a show.
They feature a multitude of popular images, ranging from Patriotic and Old Skool to Hot Rod and Speedfreak(TM).
If old skool is your thing and you are around the capital then tomorrow night check out Mark Archer from Altern 8 at Funkadelic which takes place in the Pint (on Eden Quay, looks like a standard pub beside Liberty Hall).
Underdogs are top of the table in the Wirral League after squeaking home 9-7 in a real ding-dong classic with Bidston, although Old Skool are hanging on in the title race and beat Beuts 7-2 as Joe Davies found for m.
REGGAE GOOD FRIENDS: Anita, Anne-Marie and Jackie(zy250913marley02) | JUST HAPPY: Georgina''s Birthday Crew (zy250913marley15) | OK IT WITH US: Sussane, Kimy and Jodie (zy250913marley07) | GET US IN T' PAPER: Mark, Jane, Chris and Mandy (zy250913marley14) | THUMBS UP: Catherine, Heather, Angie, Gina and Sharon (zy250913marley16) | PARTY TIME: Gloria and John (zy250913marley13) | BRILL NIGHT: Rachael and Christine (zy250913marley08) | NIGHT OUT WITH THE GIRLS: Phyllis, Frank and Pat (zy250913marley09) | OLD SKOOL : Tanya and Tony (zy250913marley05) PICTURES?
30pm Tickets: PS15-PS22 Scathing satire of a vulgar and deluded society, where blackmail and hypocrisy abound, Tel: 029 2064 6900 Astroid Boys Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, 8pm Tickets: PS5 Dubstep mixed with old skool hip hop party vibes from this talented local crew.