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the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people

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The Old Testament is a perplexing book of profound grace, hope, and beauty.
'I know what you are referring to and I'm telling you that you have misunderstood it dahil sa Old Testament ka lang nag base (because you only based it in the Old Testament),' she wrote.
Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection fulfilled the ceremonial laws-His sacrifice replaced all the sacrifices given in the Old Testament. Many, however, believe that the moral law is still active, some going so far as to say following the Ten Commandments is a requirement for salvation.
Simeka noted that rather than personal memoirs, it represents a wider, essayistic picture of Slovakia of the past half a century.The second award hails the generously conceived ecumenical edition of comments to the Old Testament that has no par in Slovak culture.
She is a past president of the Catholic Biblical Association, and the author of many books including Women in the Old Testament, and Numbers in the New Collegeville Bible Commentary, as well as Old Testament editor of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible, all published by Liturgical Press.
By what Jesus goes on to say in Matthew, we see that he gets to the heart of the matter God addresses through the moral law of the Old Testament and calls his followers to live by this standard.
But none of them took the position of the ancient Marconites, that only the New Testament was inspired.(1) Recent Mennonite scholarship has modified any notion that the southern Anabaptism of Switzerland, south Germany, and Moravia entirely rejected the Old Testament, (2) or the Apocrypha, (3) for that matter.
Anglo-Saxon poets adopted Old Testament narratives in order to make sense of their own political and religious situation, says Zacher.
For the New Testament writers, the Old Testament was holy scripture.
Walk Thru the Old Testament is a two-part event that will be held from 7 to 9:30 p.m.
Its origins lay in earlier times, in the history of American Hebraism and, more specifically, in the history of American readings, interpretations, and applications of the Old Testament.
If we lived today by Old Testament rules those seeking abortions would be regarded as murderers.
Amman, Nov 25 (ANI): A UCSD professor of anthropology has uncovered evidence that suggests that King Solomon's splendid, copper- and gold-adorned palaces - as described in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) - may very well have existed.
Much recent Old Testament scholarship has emphasized continuities between Israelite beliefs and those of their neighbors.