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the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people

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While the first Christians saw in the Old Testament the anticipation of what happened in Christ, that does not mean the writers of the Old Testament were literally looking ahead into the mists of time and seeing the coming of Jesus.
Whatever its exact origins, the Book of Mormon reads like the Old Testament or, more specifically, like the King James translation of the Old Testament.
In the first half, Nugent undertakes a presentation of Yoder's narration of the Old Testament in four chapters: (I) the pre-history of Israel, (II) the formation of Israel as a people, (III) the deformation of Israel during the monarchy, and (IV) the reformation of Israel between the exile and the early church.
Much recent Old Testament scholarship has emphasized continuities between Israelite beliefs and those of their neighbors.
For the past three decades the Copenhagen school, scholars from the University of Copenhagen and Sheffield University, have argued that the Old Testament texts were composed at a very late date in the first millennium B.
Stamps renders a service in highlighting the difficulty in determining when a New Testament author is actually quoting and when only alluding to the Old Testament (p.
I did specifically mention the Old Testament and not the New Testament, because I did not feel it necessary to repeat what I believed and understood to be obvious.
It is an aspect of the Old Testament notion of "Shalom" which, Ellens writes, is "the full-orbed and total peace and prosperity in body, mind, and soul that God intends every human being to achieve and enjoy for all of life.
attending church but still harboring doubts about, say, the literalness of the Old Testament creation account) and realize, above all, that ``America is supposed to be God's nation.
Anyone reading this book will need to have some knowledge of the apocalyptic books of the Old Testament on which much of the symbolism is based.
MacKenzie, Leiden 2002), laying emphasis on the Old Testament while denouncing all gospels beyond the Four as "an abyss of madness and blasphemy;" cr.
Wright's approach to the text of the Old Testament grows directly from a typically evangelical Christian theology of Scripture.
A reading of the Old Testament shows that the biblical deity created by the ancient Israelites was unjust, vindictive, jealous, cruel, and a war criminal so totally flawed that only by overlooking much of what it says about him have Christians and Jews been able to redeem him and make him acceptable to civilized societies.
And archaic laws affecting women's rights, slavery, sodomy (only legalized in 2003), Sunday business closures, the teaching of evolution, and so on, came straight from the Bible, primarily the Old Testament.