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Irish Gaelic up to about 1100

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Apart from the Early Modern Irish forms of the Old Irish verbal nouns of gaibid and its compounds, the following verbal nouns appear with the -ail ending, which forms can be considered new ones as compared with Old Irish: admail (IGT iii [section]68, Modern Irish [Mod.
"When he start to sanging, 'Old Irish Potato, Old Irish Potato,' then I'd get a little nervous and goosy like.
Inside the chamber are two horizontal sculptures by Warren, curving planes of 200 year old Irish oak placed in deference to the Golden Mean.
The ten brown stories of single rooms stand tall across from the barren prison, Perth's daily 'Doctor' wind dries the few roses in the carpark Through ground floor pane the old Irish man watches rush hour traffic blow by.
imram or immram plural immrama(Old Irish: "act of rowing," or "voyaging") In early Irish literature, a story about an adventurous voyage.
THERE is at present no agreement about the etymology of late Old English curs and cursian, even though Tolkien accepted a derivation from the Old Irish verb cursaigim |I reprove'.(1) When Norman Davis revised Tolkien and Gordon's edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, he allowed this to stand in the glossary entry for corsed |cursed'.(2) Yet in his own glossarial work Davis stated the origin of Old English cursian to be |obscure'.(3) His caution is shared by recent lexicographers, who describe Old English curs as of |unknown origin'.(4) Nevertheless, at least one textbook accepts that cursian may be an Old English loan from Irish, dating from the seventh-century conversion of Northumbria.(5) Given this lack of unanimity, there is room for further discussion.(6)
Called drumlins--a word derived from Old Irish -- these hills appear in concentrated fields in North America, Scandinavia, Britain and other areas once covered by ice.
Irish literature is usually divided as follows: Old Irish (up to 900); Middle Irish (up to 1350); Late Middle, or Early Modern, Irish (up to 1650); and Modern Irish (from 1650).
I was telling an old Irish farmer who told me to fill an old stocking with human hair and hang it on the pen.
I was a member of the old Irish Centre for more than 30 years and my children learned dance and traditional Irish music.
Tony Carey with some of the memorabilia from the old Irish bar which will all be auctioned off in aid of the Coventry Myton Hospice Appeal.
Not only could you buy CDs of famous old Irish folk songs but you could also buy a book containing the lyrics of famous old Irish folk songs to enable you to sing along.
Wearing a ripped dress with the face of reggae legend Bob Marley, the 19-year old Irish singer performed her hit single, I'm Right Here.
Thanks.' Well, he's probably the wrong example because he belongs to City Ballet, but the equivalent is to pick him up and say, l don,t want a ballet, Jerry, I want a body of work over the next seven years,' and have that type of relationship with many different choreographers, so that no one dominates the repertoire -- in the same way, frankly, in the spirit and heart that Ballet Theatre started." One of these choreographers will be the ABT leader, who is developing a ballet based on the story of Dierdre, "an old Irish legend.
leprechaun or leprecaun leprehaunIrish leipreachan, lucharachan puny creature, dwarf, elf, from Middle Irish luchrapan, lupraccan, from Old Irish luchorpan, from lu-small + corp body (from Latin corpus) + -an,diminutive suffix