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7th president of the US

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For me, Day 3 started in the old hickory. Those stories of someone flipping a light switch had come true.
For the past four years, Jacob Holm has sold the aramid containing fabrics through DuPont as a toll manufacturer, but Jacob Holm will now deliver Kevlar and Nomex protective fabric products directly from the Old Hickory production site.
Old Hickory and Gleason Clay products are used for industrial minerals applications including ceramic tile, sanitary ware, dinnerware, asphalt emulsion, electrical porcelain, refractories, proppants, synthetic rubber, and various other building materials, fillers, and adhesives products.
By the time the Old Hickory Division embarked for Great Britain in February 1944, it had lost all vestiges of its National Guard roots.
Jackson, a rough-and-tumble individual from the hills of North Carolina--and later Tennessee--ran against the well-bred incumbent, John Quincy Adams, whose father had been the nation's second president and who had captured the election of 1824 over Jackson despite the fact that Old Hickory won the popular vote and had a plurality of electoral votes.
Featured Wine Region: Texas Number of Wines on the Menu: 38 by the glass, 375 to 400 by the bottle at Old Hickory; 110 by the glass or bottle at the Wine Bar Number of Regional Wines on the Menu: 6 at Old Hickory; 8 at the Wine Bar
We agree Old Hickory has had his day, but why pick just one?
Under the agreement, Jacob Holm will now operate Sontara assets in Asturias, Spain and Old Hickory, Tenn., employing 240 employees worldwide.
At closing, Jacob Holm will acquire Sontara assets at DuPont sites in Asturias, Spain; Old Hickory, TN, U.S.; and approximately 240 employees worldwide, primarily in Spain and the U.S.
Dewitt transitioned into the food industry in as general manager for Old Hickory Pits, and later for Reed Food Technology in 2003 and 2007.
As a boy, Old Hickory was known to drool--and would fight anyone who called him a "slobber mouth."
If you recall memories of very old hickory lofted irons they were very thin across the sole.
Club professional of 15 years Karl Yates said: "He was a smashing old chap and he played with a little old hickory putter.
Old Hickory Credit Union is seeking thousands of dollars stemming from an auto loan to former Tennessee Titan football player Steve McNair.
The scene portrayed is from the 1815 battle, with General Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson on horseback, gallantly urging his volunteer army to victory over the British.