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7th president of the US

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I am for the safety of Old Hickory Dam and the safety of the public affected by Old Hickory.
Club professional of 15 years Karl Yates said: "He was a smashing old chap and he played with a little old hickory putter.
Old Hickory Credit Union is seeking thousands of dollars stemming from an auto loan to former Tennessee Titan football player Steve McNair.
By 1897, it operated the largest farm and freight wagon factory in the world (covering 30 acres), with a capacity of 30,000 wagons per year under the trade names of Old Hickory and Tennessee.
The West Tennessee ACEI joined in with the community leaders of Jackson, Tennessee, to support the 6th Annual Old Hickory Imagination Library Miniature Golf Tournament.
What] has been missing is a balanced and detailed portrait of Old Hickory that treats the dark sides of his personality, namely his defense of slavery and his murderous policy toward Native Americans, along with his efforts to vindicate the principle that the majority is to govern and his belief that the president is answerable only to the American people.
I'll race you to the old hickory tree," Pigtail said.
With songs like "Life Sucks," the show makes a case that Old Hickory may indeed have had a serious chip on his shoulder.
But because the resort's Old Hickory Wine Bar is equipped with a state-of-the-art wine preservation and dispensing system, Giulioni doesn't have to worry.
He had planned to restore the home on Old Hickory Lake and hoped to move in and write songs there.
Another wood-products manufacturer that came to Indiana long ago for its natural resources is the Old Hickory Furniture Co.
Nearly 500 square feet of Old Hickory II, a solid plank flooring featuring the company's DuraShield finish, was also used.
But Webb's portrait of Old Hickory whitewashes him and his impact on American politics, largely because he doesn't acknowledge the tensions in the Scots-Irish culture and its approach to politics.
Consider this: when I began my career as an officer, technology was a 1977 Plymouth Fury with a 400-cubic inch, 4 bbl V-8, an old hickory nightstick, and a .
Freddie Valenti,a former European Tour player attached to Pryors Hayes,joined with three friends to play dressed in plus fours and jackets, shirts and ties, using old hickory clubs and,in the absence of any gutta perch a golf balls, the old small sized Dunlop 65s.