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the national flag of the United States of America

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The Old Glory veins were previously thought to be unprospective.
Who were willing to risk it all, just to make sure Old Glory was at the top of that pole.
Constructing a platform from an old bunk bed, Quigley took up residence in Old Glory to save it from being chopped down by a housing developer's plan to widen Pico Canyon Road.
The designs in Old Glory include stars and stripes, heart motifs, shooting stars and the inscription "Life, Liberty, Happiness" in traditional red, white and blue -- a limited color palette that Winget says is a challenge.
Old Glory is Britain's biggest selling steam and vintage preservation magazine, covering subjects as diverse as traction engines and paddle steamers, windmills and old fairgrounds.
MANY Tottenham fans came to cheer Glenn Hoddle, the Southampton manager they want to see installed in place of George Graham at White Hart Lane, but most must have gone home wondering how either of them could restore the old glory days.
Fabulous Fifth Avenue has returned to its old glory.
But staff at the Inverness branch of kiltmaker Hector Russell are hoping for new glory from their "kilt" on an Old Glory theme.
So it's okay now to burn Old Glory as a symbol of protest
has revised the outlook to negative from stable and affirmed the financial strength rating of B++ (Good) and issuer credit rating of "bbb" of Old Glory Insurance Company (Old Glory) (Tyler, TX).
Handman learned that poet Robert Lowell had written a trilogy of plays called The Old Glory that the famed agent Audrey Woods was getting ready to send out to potential Broadway producers.
A vague corollary arises between the stars on Old Glory and the stars of Hollywood, and there is a sense of the futility of both nationalistic and artistic labor.
Guisborough's Speciality Market will take place tomorrow complete with Punch and Judy shows and the Old Glory Band.
Separately, Howard Miller is adding Old Glory, a collection of three patriotic clocks in the Moment in Time collection.