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the earliest form of the French language

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Screaming is not something one associates with courtesy--a word which derives from the old French word curteis, or courtliness.
Mountain Lumber of Ruckersville, Virginia got its start remilling functionally extinct American chestnut from old barns in southern Appalachia, but also has sold oak floors from old French railroad cars and heart pine from razed New England factories.
Languedoc" means "language of yes" in old French, I think.
The existing building was demolished to make way for a five-storey building pierced in good old French department store fashion by a central lightwell.
The pun differs in kind from the back formation of Latin nouns from Old French that Primas coined to facilitate his rhyme scheme in poem 16,(10) where the role he claimed for his native language was more ambitious.
Given the prominence of the term for Knapp's project, I was surprised not to find its etymological background surveyed (the word derives from the Old French truffle, meaning trickery), or to come across a catalogue of its meanings in the period.
Amis and Amiles Chief characters in an Old French metrical romance based on an older and widespread legend of friendship and sacrifice.
the keel seam; the word pay comes on board from Old French payer, which meant "to apply pitch.
Like many old French settlements, Cognac is a photographer's delight.
He takes time to explain and justify his translations with regard to word choice, metre, and the idiosyncrasies and similarities between English and Old French; each fabliau is provided with the original and facing page translation so that the Old French is readily available.
This careful and ambitious study compiles the Old French translations of Giles of Rome's manual of chivalry, De regimine principum, showing how the seven different French translations took liberties with the text, adapting and sometimes expanding on certain precepts.
The word escape came from an Old French verb escaper or eschaper.
VINTAGE elegance is a trademark of the Old French Mirror Company, which sources 19th-century mirrors from chateaux and manor houses.
As this is a book on Middle French, there is inevitably an assumption that its readers will already have some familiarity with the internal and external developments of the Old French period, although the introduction also contains a brief (four-page)account of the most salient linguistic features of Old French.