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the earliest form of the French language

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Such an analysis not only opens the door for more popular texts to be examined for their didacticism but also leads to questions regarding the authorial identity of the many extant but anonymous, popular Old French texts (and here I mean not an individual identity; rather, author background such as ex-university scholars).
Eriksen, Stefka Georgieva, Writing and Reading in Medieval Manuscript Culture: The Translation and Transmission of the Story of Elye in Old French and Old Norse Literary Contexts (Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe, 25), Turnhout, Brepols, 2014; hardback; pp.
This careful and ambitious study compiles the Old French translations of Giles of Rome's manual of chivalry, De regimine principum, showing how the seven different French translations took liberties with the text, adapting and sometimes expanding on certain precepts.
VINTAGE elegance is a trademark of the Old French Mirror Company, which sources 19th-century mirrors from chateaux and manor houses.
As this is a book on Middle French, there is inevitably an assumption that its readers will already have some familiarity with the internal and external developments of the Old French period, although the introduction also contains a brief (four-page)account of the most salient linguistic features of Old French.
The 12 Year Old French Oak Finish retails for approximately $36 for a 750 ml bottle.
With a view, which in its own way fits the recent secularization of Quebec and a part of the French-Canadian elite's confidence to go it alone, she dismisses old French Canada as the dominion of la France profonde.
(1908-13), presents his theory on the origins of the old French epic poems, the chansons de geste.
He takes time to explain and justify his translations with regard to word choice, metre, and the idiosyncrasies and similarities between English and Old French; each fabliau is provided with the original and facing page translation so that the Old French is readily available.
'Doon' and 'Tyolet': Two Old French Narrative Lays.
Author of an Old French poem in about 30,000 octosyllabic couplets, the Roman de Troie.
Brook, eds, The Old French Lays of Ignaure, Oiselet and Amours (Gallica), Woodbridge & Rochester, D.