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During the waning days of summer, the Institute's committees focused on Canada's pre-budget deliberations, challenged the proposed codification of the economic substance doctrine at the federal and state levels, recommended a narrowing of the filters in the corporate tax shelter disclosure regulations, and offered comments on a variety of several tax initiatives in the Old Dominion state.
Well, you'd never imagine this: Teachers and ESP in Bedford County and across the Old Dominion State are hard-pressed but proud, thanks to an innovative "Brighter Futures" campaign now being conducted by the Virginia Education Association/NEA.
Lowe shows how a large number of white Republicans in the Old Dominion state thought blacks were ignorant and shiftless, and did not consider them worthy of serving in positions of political responsibility; Sawrey traces how leading Ohio Republicans opposed extending the franchise to blacks during the first year after the war, and generally reacted positively to President Andrew Johnson's veto of the renewal of the Freedmen's Bureau Bill in February 1866.
Virginia's Eastern Shore -- that part of the Old Dominion State running north and south in a narrow strip between Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Atlantic on the east -- is being advanced by a winegrower there as potentially the premier wine grape area on the East Coast of the U.S.
And here's to brave Virginia, the old Dominion State, With the young Confederacy, at length, has linked her fate; Impelled by her example now other States prepare To hoist, on high, the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star.
Nevertheless, changing demographics have led both sides to lavish millions in ad spending and many hours of campaigning on the Old Dominion State, whose 13 electoral votes are very much in play.
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