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a member of the church formed in the 19th century by German Catholics who refused to accept the infallibility of the Pope

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The Old Catholic Church's UK base is at The Priory Church of St Thomas, Hawksyard Priory, in Rugeley.
Chapman ends this section by recounting a visit to the United States by an Old Catholic representative, Bishop Eduard Herzog, who took the American Episcopal Church to be the American Old Catholic Church, and declined to plant separate Old Catholic congregations there.
(2) Specifically, it will do so by looking at the initially tri-, and eventually quadrilateral consultation on catholicity and globalization conducted by the Philippine Iglesia Filipina Independiente, (3) the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht, (4) the Episcopal Church, and the Church of Sweden (the Church of Sweden joined as observer from 2007 onwards).
While the author is a priest of the Old Catholic Union of Utrecht, he consistently demonstrates great alacrity in laying out the state of the question within an Anglican context.
It can even be said that in some southern regions Popular Liberalism dominanted the school, the pub, the local voluntary association (Verein), and the Old Catholic church.
Markus Notter from the Zurich cantonal government--which only recognises the Protestant, Roman Catholic and the Old Catholic Churches--called the outcome of the vote "regrettable".
The transaction marks a growing role for the 192-year old Catholic organization in providing quality affordable housing to the elderly and disabled.
Warwickshire Police said yesterday that they had charged the 46-year- old Catholic priest with nine offences of making indecent, computer-generated images of children.
By birth and upbringing he was a member of a distinguished "old Catholic" family, and yet he made common cause with the convert Ultramontane Manning, who was viewed as an upstart and an innovator by Vaughan's peers.
Three churches in dialogue with the Catholic Church--the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Orthodox Church of Greece, and certain Old Catholic Churches that are signers to the Union of Utrecht--are able to ordain women to the diaconate.
We live in a church that is comfortable enough with same-sex blessings to remain in full communion with the Old Catholic Churches of Europe--some of which authorize such rites--but we cannot bring ourselves to adopt them for our own community.
John the Beloved in the gay-friendly Old Catholic Church, caught up with Jason & deMarco in a recording studio in Los Angeles, where they live.
This discussion makes clear that neither the Old Catholic nor the Orthodox churches would be able to agree with the Roman Catholic Church on this particular aspect of infallibility.(14) Within the understanding of infallibility we find that infallibility is qualified as the church's "integrity".(15) The understanding of what the church's integrity is, however, is not clear nor explained, even though it must have something to do with the church's mark as "one".
The Oratio Imperata, a powerful mandated prayer, is an old Catholic tradition where the bishop or priest leads the community in prayer during Mass for a special intention besides the ones prescribed by ritual.