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the Slavic language into which the Bible was translated in the 9th century

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As they stand at present, the proposals could mean only desserts made with a traditional type of bitter tasting live bacteria, described in old Bulgarian recipes, could in future be called yogurt.
A 27-year old Bulgarian man died in a car accident on Wednesday after his car crashed on the outer wall of a house on Eleonos street in Strovolos.
And he's likely to be followed by fifteen year old Bulgarian Thomaslav Pavlov, from CSKA Sofia, who's had two trials at Celtic Park and has been recalled for a third visit next month.
Window-fitter Mladen Dimitrov, a 34 year old Bulgarian, who lives in Birmingham but works for a Bulgarian company, said: aOpening up markets and letting more people in is only going to make it harder for everyone and drive down rates.
The archaeologists also found evidence of an Old Bulgarian settlement that existed at the site in the ninth and tenth centuries, namely a part of a hearth and ceramics with a decoration typical of that time.