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a native or resident of Oklahoma


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The district attorney in charge of the 20th district, Craig Ladd, provided explanations to the Oklahoman in those cases, including problems with witnesses and a lack of evidence.
She said Layman, using the name Samantha Dowry, offered $4,000 in cash, plus $1,000 for expenses, to poison her ex-husband, a taxi driver, and gave her a baggie of ricin to be used in the plot, the Oklahoman reported, citing a federal affidavit.
After conducting a comprehensive research survey in early 2015 that included six focus groups with subscribers, non-subscribers and canceled subscribers, the Oklahoman conducted online and telephone surveys to better understand its overall brand health in the community.
Among the compromised collateral that Rogers used to secure funding for The Oklahoman was the famed Honus Wagner baseball card that signaled his arrival as a big-time memorabilia dealer in 2008.
He also cited biblical grounds, The Oklahoman reported.
After all, the Daily Oklahoman faces some of the harshest calls of bias from one of the most ardent groups of fans--Oklahoma State University football fans--of any newspaper in the country.
At the age of 20, he was hired as an obituary writer by The Oklahoman and the afternoon Oklahoma City Times.
By showing every mumto-be a video of the average Oklahoman eight-yearold.
IT WAS A remarkable moment in November when Johnny Lee Clary, a 50-year-old white Oklahoman, knelt before Bishop George D.
Just a few weeks before his death, Schwartz told The Oklahoman, "I've been lucky.
Homeland's chief executive, Darryl Fitzgerald, said changes in the stores he company will purchase will be kept to a minimum, and that the stores will continue to operate under the United banner, according to a report in The Oklahoman.
Schroeder, 38, comes to The Register-Guard from The Oklahoman newspaper of Oklahoma City, where he covered the University of Oklahoma and the Big 12 Conference, and wrote features and columns.
In an interview with The Oklahoman daily newspaper Marc Nuttle, chairman of Oklahoma Global Motors, said negotiations with Nanjing on the design of the US assembly plant were continuing, with the aim of striking a deal by March 31.
Although the back cover of the book calls Ramirez-Ferrero a native Oklahoman, his family, in fact, came from Cuba to New York in 1961.
You've got to have him see a wall,'' Scott told The Oklahoman.
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