Oklahoma City

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capital and largest city of Oklahoma

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I am excited to welcome CACI International Inc to Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma community, said Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.
Raymond Felton hit back-to-back 3-pointers to put the Thunder up 10, and Oklahoma City led 82-74 at the end of the period.
We have gathered latest technology along with experience of our professionals which resulted into Oklahoma City Electrician, where customer satisfaction comes first and thus guaranteed results are inevitable Says one of the founders of Oklahoma City Electrician.
The first phase of the upper section will include landscaping along the new Oklahoma City Boulevard and access to the new Oklahoma City SkyDance pedestrian bridge.
When it became obvious that news of Carol Howe's explosive findings might leak out and expose the Clinton Justice Department's false claim that McVeigh was a lone bomber (co-conspirator Nichols was not in Oklahoma City the day of the bombing), retaliation was swift and vicious.
Oklahoma's long, colorful history is marked by a Wild West identity that includes the great land runs, a cattle boom, and oil, the riches from which continue to flow through neighborhoods of Oklahoma City where the houses rival anything seen in Beverly Hills.
Abi Viezcas, an Oklahoma City high-school graduate, chose to go to Oklahoma City Community College because her tuition was paid through the OKC-GO
The Mustangs had jumped from seventh place to second in Wednesday's second round, getting within six shots of Oklahoma City on the strength of a tournament-best 287 led by 69s by Chally and Wensel.
Meeting planners will find Oklahoma City one of the most obliging and friendly meeting destinations anywhere.
The City of Oklahoma City Office of Workforce Development will administer the grant and manage day-to-day activities.
Going to the library wasn't just a way to save on a video rental charge: OCAF has been at odds with the Municipal Library System Commission in Oklahoma City for some time.
Twenty thousand more Oklahoma City children and teenagers live in poverty than a quarter of a century ago.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Financial Executives International (FEI), the association of choice for CFOs and other senior-level finance executives, announced that it has awarded the 2011-2012 Outstanding Chapter Achievement Award to the association's Oklahoma City Chapter.
OKLAHOMA CITY The Journal Record has selected its 15th class of Achievers Under 40.
Tenders Are Invited For Oklahoma City Streetcar Operations Contractor
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