Oklahoma City

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capital and largest city of Oklahoma

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Earlier Monday, school districts in Oklahoma City, nearby Norman and elsewhere in Oklahoma canceled classes with forecasts of hail and wind gusts of up to 80 mph (128 kph).
It established its Oklahoma City practice in 2017 when local brokers Gray Holden and Chris Lavigne joined the firm.
Maybe Oklahoma City's stars will raise their game when they return home.
Big Thinkers Media is a full-service advertising agency based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City Electrician works for residential as well as commercial areas moreover an emergency situation with electrical problem is handled immediately 24/7 by the company and their dedicated professionals.
The EPA Brownfields program has partnered with the ODEQ, the OCC, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board and the city to assess and remediate many key sites in Oklahoma City such as the Devon Energy site, the Skirvin, Dell Center, Bricktown Fire Station, American Indian Cultural Center, First National Building and Dowell Center.
Nowitzki got the ball on 10 of 11 possessions and scored just three times, but it was enough to keep Oklahoma City at bay.
She was the star witness scheduled to testify the next morning in Oklahoma City before a special grand jury convened to investigate the bombing.
About halfway to Oklahoma City we came across a large fiberglass tiger at a gas station.
The Reserve Banks plan in the next six to twelve months to switch from branch-based cash services to cash depots in Birmingham, Alabama; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Portland, Oregon.
Inc., Oklahoma City, surrendered its certificate of authority and dissolved on June 14.
Jim Roth, an Oklahoma County commissioner, tells the story of the time he joined an influential Oklahoma City leader at a country club for an informal business meeting.
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Community-college enrollment is on the rise in Oklahoma and across the country--a trend that points to the schools' lower costs and students' desire for higher education.
The act provides tax relief for victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing and the anthrax letters by excluding from taxable income certain death benefits, payments from charitable organizations, forgiveness of debt and qualified disaster relief payments these victims receive.
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