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Incentives for captives in Oklahoma include very low tax rates and fees, potential tax advantages over other risk transfer methods, and a supportive regulatory environment.
Although often stereotyped as a treeless prairie state, Oklahoma contains a diverse forest environment ranging from mountainous mixed hardwoods and pine in the southeast to pinion-juniper plateaus in the northwest corner of the panhandle.
Oklahoma police records showed that McVeigh had received a traffic ticket very near Elohim City on a back-country road leading to the Aryan community.
Terry Gatewood, a longtime Oklahoma gay fights activist, rattles off the antigay laws that the state legislature has recently pushed through.
Snapshot: Not needing help forcing turnovers, the Trojans get it anyway when Oklahoma returner Mark Bradley foolishly picks up a rolling punt deep inside the Oklahoma 5-yard line and fumbles as he is hit by Collin Ashton.
Founded in 1984 as Oklahomans Against Pornography, OCAF has forced numerous adult-oriented businesses in Oklahoma to close and has succeeded in removing The Playboy Channel from local cable systems.
The nationwide trend is to get tough on juvenile crime," says Gary Taylor of Legal Aid of Western Oklahoma.
For example, a qualifying business need not have an Oklahoma income tax liability in order to realize a direct financial benefit (cash incentive payments) for having made an investment and created jobs in the state.
gov provides user-friendly applications and websites that connect Oklahoma citizens with elected officials and state agencies," said Oklahoma Gov.
This conference is intended to appeal to a broad range of attendees including: biofuel producers, marketers and retailers; public and private fleet managers; research institutions; farmers, ranchers and agribusiness executives; private equity firms, venture capitalists; government regulators and representatives; entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in this new and rapidly expanding Oklahoma energy industry.
The 2005 panel of judges was comprised of Thomas Lanners, NCTM, from the Oklahoma State University School of Music, Chindarat Charoenwongse-Shaw from the Oklahoma Central University School of Music and Donald Ryan, pianist and recording artist.
When he was hired by Oklahoma in 1999, expectations were modest enough since the school was mired in a string of five consecutive losing seasons.
September 11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah's ticket (United Airlines Flight 93) was purchased from a computer terminal at Oklahoma University in Norman.
We are very grateful to be selected a second time by the Oklahoma Lottery," says Jordan Associates president and CEO, Rhonda Hooper.
2 Oklahoma remains in a better position to make the Orange Bowl.