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a picture painted with oil paints

the art or method of painting with oil paints

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The oil-on-canvas by Brittany-based Vitalis (1898-1990) is 'Untitled' but it is a really a genre work-a 'Pieta'-which shows the Madonna cradling the naked body of Christ at the foot of the cross.
In the later oil-on-canvas series, Barkaat ventures into the lives of labourers and common folk, celebrating the ordinary in the tradition of great artists such as Van Gogh.
His 30 oil-on-canvas works portray men, women and children gathering in situations such as carnivals, diners, and concerts.
Manuel Rodriguez Sr.'s 1969 oil-on-canvas 'Sungka' is an example of the artist's experimentation in color and form.
Part II highlights include "L'Adieu" (1962, oil-on-canvas) by Lebanon's Paul Guiragossian (1926-1993) estimated to be worth $20,000-$30,000 and "Digital print, Virgin I, II & III" (2011) by Emirati artist Saaed Khalifa (1989-), estimated at $5,000-$7,000.
Another highlight is National Artist Vicente Manansala's 1973 oil-on-canvas 'Mother and Child' depicts a mother sewing as she watches over a child sleeping peacefully on a hammock.
Amorsolo's 1955 oil-on-canvas 'Noon Day Meal' depicts a scene of two women cooking outdoors.
Federico Aguilar Alcuaz's 1980 oil-on-canvas 'Abstract'- which has a starting bid of P80,000-exhibits different geometric patterns in shades of green and red.
Fernando Amorsolo's 1931 oil-on-canvas 'Mango Gatherers' fetched a whopping P46.7 million during Leon Gallery's Spectacular Midyear Auction last June 9, setting a new world record for the first ever National Artist to be proclaimed.
Eliminating excessive brushwork, National Artist Joya's 1976 oil-on-canvas 'Abstract' aims for more austere geometric abstractions.
Marked by humor and sarcasm, Dalena's 1990 oil-on-canvas work shows men relieving themselves in urinals.
National Artist Jose Joya's famous and important work, the 1959 oil-on-canvas 'Space Transfiguration,' will be one of the highlights of Leon Gallery's annual Asian Cultural Art Council Auction on March 3.
Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo's 1889 oil-on-canvas 'Portrait of Nelly Boustead' was sold for P8.18 million.
Signed and dated 1980, 'Market Scene' is an oil-on-canvas with mural-like dimensions: 43' x 60' (109 cm x 152 cm).
Another important piece is by another modern master, Angelito Antonio: his 1984 oil-on-canvas 'Women,' which features three seemingly distraught female figures.