Ohm's law

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electric current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance

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SOUTHWELL: GAZETTE BET: 4.05 Ohms Law. NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.25 Pastoral, 2.55 The Fonz, 3.30 Ostland, 4.05 Lombardy Boy, 4.35 Pure Style, 5.10 Jean Fleming, 5.40 Milgen Bay.
Cara Court was backed to a low of 1.2 in running after fending off Midnight Charmer's challenge (hit 2.1) but backers who went in at the short prices hadn't bargained for a rally from 12-1 outsider Ohms Law.
Ohms Law (12-1) took full advantage of that one's trespasses to give Hinckley trainer Anthony Day his first winner under Rules.
Using Ohms law, the error contributed by the switch is [+ or -]100 m[ohm].
I am sure we will receive another response from you as you are apparently convinced that your opinion can cancel out the scientifically-proven Ohms Law, as you make yet another attempt to impress us with your lateral thinking and bizarre logic.