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Synonyms for oka

a Turkish unit of weight equal to about 2

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a Turkish liquid unit equal to 1

South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers

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"We have very good relations with our Korean clients," said Hideo Ohhashi, a spokesman for Tokyo Ohka.
In the process, I found that Japan's abrupt and unexpected "unconditional surrender" had left unfinished the Ohka "human bomb" development.
The Americans couldn't believe their eyes when they captured an Ohka on Okinawa.
All-Star third baseman Scott Cooper is a part-time scout for the Cardinals; Tomo Ohka, back in the USA as a knuckleballer, is with Bridgeport of the Atlantic League and beat Sugarland last week, which is managed by Sox short-timer Gary Gaetti; often-injured lefty Wade Miller is an assistant coach at Alvernia University.
A positive photoresist (TSMRV90 27 cp, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.) was coated on the Au film, and the pattern of the microchannel matrix was transferred by photolithography (Figure 2(b)).
The state legal affairs minister, Mayen Ohka, told the gathering that the new currency should be respected just like the new nation's flag.
RBCOR, which is based in San Marcos, CA, USA, distributes Tokyo Ohka Kogyo's flexo, letterpress and molding plates, Toray water wash flexo plates, processing equipment and ancillary items for printers.
Equally interesting material fleshes out Part III, "Scientific and Technical Reviews." From Yasunori Matogawa's account of the Japanese Ohka rocket-propelled glider during World War II to Christian Lardier's summary of solid-propellant rockets in the Soviet Union, relatively obscure history comes to light.
(27) Ei ohka vastu tapset ettekujutust, mis see peab olema, mis seal peab juhtuma, mis seal p e a b t e h t a m a.21 'It doesn't give off an exact sense of what it is to be, what's to happen, what's to be done.' Other verbs, such as tulema, tarvitsema, pruukima and maksma do not have periphrastic alternatives because, as noted earlier, they govern dainfinitives, not ma-infinitives.
Ohka, Mills (6), Stewart (7), Strickland (8) and Schneider; Nomo, Gagne (6), Quantrill (9) and Kreuter, Ross (7), Encarnacion (9).
TORONTO BLUE JAYS -- Agreed to terms with RHP Tomo Ohka on a minor league contract.