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Synonyms for Ohioan

a native or resident of Ohio


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"Central Ohioans often blend the words 'for' and 'a' when they are spoken together," explains Pitt, who leads the OSU Language Perception Laboratory.
According to Ohioan Bob Szanto, chairman of the Star Academy Foundation board of trustees, the school will be built on a 500-acre tract outside Arusha, the second-largest city in Tanzania.
A consensus jelled that, as The Times wrote, "Harding fitted into the complex situation better than any of the candidates." At 2 a.m.--not 2:11--the group sent for the Ohioan and asked him if there were any personal factors that would disqualify him.
This practice is horrific and with today's vote Ohioans through their elected representatives have saved countless unborn babies from this torture."
Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and urged Ohioans to elect Rep.
SunUp Financial, LLC (dba Balance Credit) said it has partnered with Bastion Funding to expand its consumer credit services into the state of Ohio to assist Ohioans who need a quick and convenient alternative to payday and title loans throughout the holiday season.
"Several polls leading up to Election Day showed that a clear majority of Ohioans support legalizing marijuana, but voters won't tolerate this issue being taken over by greedy special interests," saidAaAaAeAeAaAeAe Angell, chairman ofAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Marijuana Majority, in a statement.
We are proud to honor him as the recipient of the 2013 People of Vision Award.” Fifth Third Bank and Buckley King have been important partners with Prevent Blindness Ohio in helping the organization deliver sight-saving services to over 800,000 Ohioans annually across Ohio.
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) -- Dropping out of high school has left many Ohioans struggling to find work as the demand for unskilled labor continues to decline.