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a river that is formed in western Pennsylvania and flows westward to become a tributary of the Mississippi River

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Maysville has experienced little methamphetamine traffic compared to regions across the Ohio River and in the western portion of the county, said Maysville Police Chief Van Ingram.
He crossed the Ohio River on foot at the Falls of the Ohio at Louisville and traveled through central Indiana on his way to Missouri.
The need of companies in those industries to avoid repetitions of severe incidents like Bhopal, the 1985 ARCO oil spill into the Ohio River, and the Pasadena, Texas, refinery fire gives them powerful incentive to aggressively manage corrosion, leaks, and failures in their equipment and plants.
69 will provide better access from Interstate 64 to the Southwind Maritime Centre on the Ohio River and to Mount Vernon businesses such as General Electric.
The fluids o f this scene recall the birth of Sethe's daughter as well as journeys of enslavement (crossing the Middle Passage) and freedom (escaping across the Ohio River).
44 percent were contemplating relocation to another state where liability insurance is less costly (Simply moving across the Ohio River could shave $5,600 off a West Virginia internist's premium and $26,000 off an obstetrician's.)
Situated on the Ohio River as a gateway between the South and North, Cincinnati could yet become a beacon for improved race relations.
As the site of the 2002 National Conference, Cincinnati's rich culture and historical devotion to the arts make the Queen City, on the northern bank of the Ohio River, more than the site of MTNA's national headquarters.
Once a beautiful site overlooking the valley of the Ohio River, Hillcrest was established as a burial place for African-American veterans and members of their families.
The Ohio River Beautification and Restoration Project was launched in October 2000 with the goal of cleaning 981 miles from Cairo, Illinois to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The purpose of this project was to sample streams, bayous, and swamps of the Wabash and Ohio River basins of southwestern Indiana for bats, particularly for the five species considered to be rare or endangered in Indiana.
"Once raccoon rabies becomes established in the Ohio River Valley, few physiogeographic barriers remain to prevent its spread throughout the midwestern United States," the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautioned (MMWR 49[2]:31-35, 2000).
Black Pittsburgh's history, for example, has been more a function of the city's location at the headwaters of the Ohio River, its hilly topography, and the interplay of European and Southern migrations with the steel industry.
This case questioned whether West Virginia can impose its fuel use tax on fuel consumed by vessels, some making no stops at all in West Virginia, that use the Ohio River in interstate commerce.
The trilogy, which is set in the Ohio River valley in the late 18th- through mid-19th century, offers a realistic portrayal of frontier life as it chronicles the development of the area from wilderness.
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