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a river that is formed in western Pennsylvania and flows westward to become a tributary of the Mississippi River

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The Ohio Department of Insurance, the Ohio Department of Commerce's Division of Securities, and the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office worked together to secure the conviction and sentence, the Ohio DOI said.
Thank you, Ohio scientists, for allowing me the privilege of being editor of this journal for so many years.
The plan includes AEP Ohio entering into an eight-year power purchase agreement for the capacity, energy and ancillary service output of AEP's 2,671 megawatt ownership share of nine generating units and AEP Ohio's 423 MW contractual share of Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) generation.
"Ohio is poised to make a real difference in how we promote and protect the dignity of every human life in our state," said Krider.
Collectively, these industries account for about one-third of Ohio's employment.
Many out-of-state employers are not aware of the significant differences between Ohio workers' compensation coverage requirements and that provided by the out-of-state employer's private workers' compensation coverage.
We present 10 features that describe the current state of development of Ohio's workforce skills, and its near-term outlook.
He was appointed to the Ohio House of Representatives and served there until term limits were exhausted.
After returning from Russia, Conn sued Zakharov in an Ohio federal court basing jurisdiction on his property ownership.
FLORIDA BAR PRESIDENT FRANK ANGONES, center, was the keynote speaker at the 15th Annual Dayton (Ohio) Bar Association Bench Bar Conference in November.
Given the location of many of the appearances, it's no surprise that Batiuk is based in Ohio.
Higher-income-tax states like Ohio have found themselves losing residents to states that have no (or low) individual income tax rates (like Florida).
CENTRAL OHIO March 15--Berwick Manor Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio; Lean Manufacturing.