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United States writer (1905-1970)

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This alliance is a result of Fidson's recent Rights Issue which saw Ohara's shareholding in the company increased to 21.57 per cent.
Her creation, a burst of bright blooms and leaves that complements the color of the tall vase from Lalique, one of the event's partners, illustrates Ohara's nageire (or 'thrown in') principle.
My loss to Ohara Davies was a bad night at the office for me.
Ohara, 28 years old, finished runner-up in two hours, 25 minutes and 46 seconds, the top result among Japanese contenders.
Both Ohara and Yoshida were members of the second of two groups of students sent by the Satsuma Domain to study in the West.
She said: 'I belong to the Ohara School of Ikebana and have been teaching Ikebana for seven years in Pakistan.
There was a lot of talk of us fighting around the time of the Ohara Davies bout and I felt it would have been a good match for Scotland because we could have sold out any arena.
JOSH TAYLOR vowed to make Ohara Davies show "his true colours" after the Londoner refused to take the bait at a press conference in Glasgow.
Commonwealth superlightweight champion Josh Taylor and Ohara Davies will finally meet in the ring in Glasgow after trading insults on social media for months.
One such industrialist was Magosaburo Ohara (1880-1943) from Kurashiki who founded the Ohara Museum of Art there based largely on his own collection.
This compact 70-mm f/6 triplet uses an Ohara FPL53 ED element combined with broadband coatings to achieve high-contrast views free from color fringing.
Jim Ohara ATHE wall must get a soaking during winter.
Spokesman, Atsushi Ohara, stated that engineers are taking a closer look at the vehicle's collision-avoidance sensor system and its hybrid engine.
The Sato Premiere Suites are now open for pre-selling while the other buildings occupying the first phase, the Ohara Enclave, are now ready for occupancy.