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'Oh! it's little enough,' replied Georgiana, 'because Ma always treats me as if I was in the nursery (I am sure I wish I was!), but I hardly ever spend it and it has mounted up to fifteen pounds, Sophronia, and I hope three five-pound notes are better than nothing, though so little, so little!
'I haven't pricked it YET,' the Queen said, 'but I soon shall-- oh, oh, oh!'
Oh! I was going to tell you how many unmistakeable admirers I had:- Sir Thomas Ashby was one,--Sir Hugh Meltham and Sir Broadley Wilson are old codgers, only fit companions for papa and mamma.
"Oh! I must know that soap," said the gentleman genially.
Oh! miserable wretches that we are, 'tis that name which has ruined us!