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You can't find the food anywhere unless you go to West Africa; for instance, ogbono soup," he pointed out.
"Ogbono" (Irvingia gabonensis) also shares the same food group with "ukpo" (Mucuna urens) and melon seed.
There was not much difference in the energy content between soup thickened with "ukpo" (Mucuna urens) and those thickened with "ogbono" (Irvingia gabonensis).
Some of the items imported from West Africa include cassava and yam flour, egusi and ogbono seeds, amongst many others.
"For the main dishes we have the ogbono soup which is made of a few recipes.
As soon as Michael got home, seeing the big dish of pounded yam and 'ogbono' soup on the table, he forgot all about the medicine and went after the food.
The actor, though no longer a popular face on screen because of hard times, has a surname which, if written, looks like Ogbono' and he has always been in the news for wrong reasons.
The deceased Madam Ikegwuonu allegedly returned home after going to market to prepare okra and ogbono soup and that she was actually grinding the ogbono when her son approached from behind and slit her throat.
Some of the dishes that are served include; Jambalaya rice, pounded yam with egusi or vegetable soup, goat meat, ogbono, edikangikan soup, seafood and snail.
Ogbono is a typical African soup, which is very nutritious and is the toast of the young and old writes OLOLADE ALABI.
OGBONO soup is one of the soups in Nigeria that cut across ethnic lines.
Iru is used in cooking traditional soups; egusi, okro, Ewedu, ogbono, Efo riro {vegetable}, stew, gbegiri (bean soup) and is said to be high in lipid (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrate (16%) while it is also a good source of calcium, fat, vitamin C, vitamin B2, dietary fibre and phosphorus.