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Synonyms for offside

(sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc

illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck


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Labour whip Michael Burke said: "As a football referee myself who spends many a Sunday morning debating the offside rule, I think it is fair to say the offside rule brings about as much debate as Rob's blog.
London based journalist Neil Wolfson has designed the coin and with the help of a diagram it explains the basics of the offside rule.
A FIFA task force, headed by Beckenbauer, is now coming up with suggestions to change the rule, but I don't think there's anything to discuss - I think the offside rule works perfectly and I don't know why people are constantly trying to change the beautiful game.
I have no idea what the offside rule is - but that's only because I would personally rather stick pins in my eyes than watch overpaid men behave like schoolboys and swear and spit for an hour-and-a-half.
She said: "I don't understand the offside rule - but I do understand the passion for football.
FLORENCE: Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez admitted his side played poorly in Tuesday s 2-0 loss at Fiorentina in the Champions League but he also said changes to the offside rule had a hand in the defeat.
Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez called for the offside rule to be reviewed after his side complained bitterly about Sebastian Larsson's stunning free-kick which put Birmingham City 2-0 ahead.
My colleague John Cross, who was covering the game, tweeted "I no longer understand the offside rule" and Chelsea's Gary Cahill used it to declare "the offside rule is crazy" and "I don't understand it".
But just above the second commandment of "Thou must lift our stinky pants and socks off the floor every evening" is the most fundamental rule of all: "Thou shalt pretend to understand the offside rule, spend Saturday mornings on the side of a sodden football pitch, and not mind the lawn being churned up and the flowers ruined.
Discussing the offside rule had brought them closer and he loved seeing her in her kit.
Tinkering with the offside rule is one thing, increasing the number of subs available another - but introducing the sin bin would be more like bringing in offside or substitutes for the first time.
The football rules are Eddie's bible while the offside rule is the will of the Devil.
It doesn't matter that you've never played or that the fans think you're a fool as long as your decisions are dodgy and you don't understand the offside rule.
OFFSIDE RULES #2 Now that the focus is back on kicking the ball of money, Let's look at the offside rule that's a bit less funny.
Sian Massey understood the offside rule better than both of them.