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(of winds) coming from the land

at some distance from the shore

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away from shore


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Digibank aims to incorporate technology to traditional offshore bank services to achieve 3 crucial comparative advantages: full digitalization, faster processing speed and lower transaction cost.
While wealth formation is still growing and the potential for new business remains very attractive, both the onshore and offshore banks want to profit from a crucial challenge that all offshore banks face is cultural diversity.
Swamy further said that as soon the CBI Director would lodge an FIR, his committee would seek a letter rogatory from a Delhi court which would give them the permission to get the names of people holding accounts in offshore banks as per international agreements with foreign countries.
This status has increasingly been challenged by the rise of Dubai in recent years, and assets held by Bahrain's offshore banks have now fallen to their lowest levels since 2005, before a regional oil and property boom boosted their assets.
There are also two offshore banks in Liverpool Bay that have more spin than substance
Two key components are the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, which issues the Eastern Caribbean Dollar and supervises both domestic and offshore banks in the region, and the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange, which opened in 2002.
citizens with debit/credit cards issued by offshore banks, compared with only 170,000 Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts filed in 2000.
Tonight's two-hour premiere finds Alex getting way too emotionally involved in a convoluted wrongful-termination affair involving a scuzzy corporation, offshore banks and drug dealers.
The three banks -- Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, the Industrial Bank of Japan and Tokai Bank -- are among the 16 offshore banks granted wholesale banking status by the MAS.
For reasons still unknown, some of these capelin schools spawn on the offshore banks like the cod, which gorge on them shortly after their orgies are completed.
The criminals used these accounts to launder millions of dollars to offshore banks, according to Tom O'Connell, an INS agent on the case.
O'Shea said that the expatriate community is an important market to operate within and that most expatriates perceive that offshore banks are somewhat of an unnecessary evil because they do not really service the expatriate's needs.
This eliminates the bias created by the large amounts of FDI present in offshore banks that really have little affect on output.
The Offshore Banks Survey of more than 40 players across 6 centers underpins a detailed Offshore Excellence Model for banks.
Global Banking News-February 5, 2013--Taiwan central bank says offshore banks to take yuan deposits(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.