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Synonyms for offshore

(of winds) coming from the land

at some distance from the shore

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away from shore


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April 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Offshore banking is growing in leaps and bounds as both the rich and the not so rich look for safe places to stash their cash.
ADCB's Jersey Branch makes offshore banking stress-free, allowing clients to easily access their account via secure online portals anywhere in the world.
Taiwanese banks have a total of 309 offshore banking units, offices, or branches in different countries, while 223 of them are located in the Asia-Pacific region and most of them are in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Cambodia.
The bank stopped providing offshore banking services to U.
Connor says offshore banking also enables you to carry out transactions anonymously and keep your assets protected against "unsubstantiated lawsuits and unjustified claims".
Despite being shrugged off Ankara's agenda earlier this year, however, BahE*eE-ehir University economics professor Seyfettin GE-rsel says that offshore banking remains a pressing issue for the government, and must be addressed as part of a wider culture of tax evasion in Turkey.
They have broadened their online portfolio to include their offshore banking license and bank formation services, with the introduction of My Banking License.
MANAMA: Citibank organised a seminar on offshore banking and wealth management opportunities for its affluent clients in Capital Club.
Its economy is based on tourism, offshore banking and financial services.
Withdrawal from the bank of poor, British worker - minimum wage, Migrant worker - willing slave, Twice the hours, half the wage, Sack my paid staff - vacancy, Earn your dole money - working in my factory, Fat cat, no VAT, royalty, Offshore banking, can't tax me, New house, new car, spending spree, Recession biting, greed igniting, aspire to be me, Social disgrace
RBS International looks after customers who require offshore banking from a bank that is part of the UK clearing system.
Bahrain-based BankMuscat International (BMI) has received a licence from the Central Bank of Seychelles to set up an offshore banking venture.
GORDON Brown could be set to offer an amnesty to overseas account holders as part of a massive crackdown on offshore banking fraud, an accounting expert claimed.
The Offshore Banking Act, 1996, governs activities of Belize's offshore banks.
Meanwhile, we are left to wonder what on earth to do about offshore banking havens, assuming we're planning on hanging on to capitalism for the time being.