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Synonyms for offshoot

Synonyms for offshoot

something resembling or structurally analogous to a tree branch

something derived from another

a part of a family, tribe, or other group, or of such a group's language, that is believed to stem from a common ancestor

a young stemlike growth arising from a plant

Synonyms for offshoot

a natural consequence of development

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Political divisions also mar the group's offshoots, he added.
With Hamas being EMB's fighting offshoot and now ruling the Gaza Strip, HuT is increasingly more active in the multi-ethnic and impoverished Fergana Valley, which spills across the borders of Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Rao forced tubes to branch into Y-shaped structures by depositing onto tube walls additional iron-titanium seeds that instigated offshoots to sprout.
No 13 covers almost exclusively the Boston scene, and writes about all kinds of punk and its various offshoots (crust, oil, street punk--whatever that is--and hardcore).
Endemol, despite Telefonica's uncertainty, boasts 30 offshoots in 26 countries.
His book does not deal with the offshoots of bebop, such as cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, free jazz and fusion.
The Automotive Academy, supported by pounds 15million of government money, will have a central hub in the West Midlands with offshoots around the UK.
Anglican offshoots elsewhere in the world had preceded this vote by several decades, but in 1992 the mother church finally surrendered as well.
"The British Helsinki Human Rights Group predicted that UK support for Kosovan refugees would also open it up to offshoots of [KLA-linked] criminal gangs and, within two years, that prediction had shown itself to be true," commented The Herald of London on November 4th.
Second, he argues that the "new" philosophies of nature in the sixteenth century are less sui generis than they have seemed to some, less offshoots of Renaissance Platonism, but rather can be shown to have evolved from developments internal to the cultures of Renaissance Aristotelianism; along the lines of Kristeller, Schmitt, Lohr and a number of other excellent scholars.
The subsidiary company, headed by Eamonn Foley, has a number of offshoots, including Aer Rianta International (North America), Aer Rianta International Netherlands, Aer Rianta Cyprus.
Activity-based costing and its offshoots -- activity-based management and activity-based budgeting -- are more sophisticated than ever, in part because of Internet-based tools that allow managers to share information across the entire corporation.
George realizes that slam poetry purists may consider "Def Poetry Jam" and its capitalistic offshoots as artistic adultery.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) bans polygamy, but a number of small fundamentalist offshoots still follow the traditional church practice.