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Synonyms for official

Synonyms for official

having or arising from authority

a person or group having the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge


a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization

Synonyms for official

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At the end of the war several of these topographers were asked by Bean to work on the Official History.
According to the official history, Dumbo did not reach its peak flow-rate until after the war with Germany was over.
Le Mans: The Official History 1990-99 includes nearly 500 evocative photographs that record 10 races contested by 43 different marques that accounted for 445 starts.
In this book, the second volume of the official history of Britain's relationship with Europe after the Second World War, Stephen Wall focuses on this period, showing how successive Conservative and Labour governments courted European leaders and guided British policy during its first two tumultuous years as a new member.
The official history of women's reproductive health tends to situate women as patients who receive care from medical professionals, but Seizing the Means of Reproduction details the parallel history of women's self-help and self-care groups that sprung up in the US during the 1970s and '80s.
Wimbledon: The Official History It was to raise funds for the repair of a broken lawn roller at Nursery Lane that the All England Croquet Club first decided to hold a tennis tournament.
I'm told another Scottish contestant wanted to do The Official History of Rangers FC but the Mastermind couldn't get enough questions to fill two minutes.
Examples of specific topics include representations of the Paris Commune in the 21st century, the role of painting in representing the conquest of Algeria, memories of military camaraderie in the memoirs of a Napoleonic officer, memory in the writings of Rabelais, the problematic relationship between memory and history in Balzac's Le Lys dans la vallee, the importance of Stendahl's diaries and journals in understanding his conception of memory, and the conflict between official history and cultural memory with regards to the revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods.
It forms part of the official history of Her Majesty's reign and we are very proud to be representing the North East region.
OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES AND THE IOC: Athens to London 1894-2012 by David Miller (Mainstream, pounds 40) This book details the highs and lows of the Olympics since the first Games in 1896.
The official history of Wrexham FC says it was formed by members of the Wrexham Cricket Club, who wanted a sporting activity for winter and that's what the traditional badge date said.
The Seabound Coast: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1867-1939, Volume 1 by William Johnston, William Rawling, Richard Gimblett and John MacFarlane.
The Atwater Kent, mandated by the city charter to be Philadelphia's official history museum, sold the painting to raise funds for itsrenovation.
In recognition of the university's 50th anniversary in 2010-11, GVSU administrators commissioned an official history to be researched and written.
In particular Roig wanted to contest a particular form of official history still predominant in Franco's Spain in 1972: a form of heroic, monumental history that constructed a myth of the Nation and then constructed Franco as its legatee.
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